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IT Transition Team affirms commitment to communication

Members of the IT Technology Transition Team learned how to apply communications strategies and tools to keep colleagues apprised of efforts to reshape the department’s Information Technology Services.

Members of the broad-based planning team met Tuesday (April 6) with Debra Filler of the Idaho Department o Health and Welfare. She explained principles of developing a Single Overriding Communication Objective (SOCO) to assist with the exchange of information about the team’s efforts.

“The purpose of the session was to put into context the transition plan, identify the stakeholders who will be impacted by the plan and communicate with those stakeholders the key objectives of the transition plan from our perspective at this time,” according to a report on the session with Filler.

The transition team created two context diagrams, which can be downloaded from the team’s web site: http://intranet/ITTransition/

By the end of Tuesday’s session, the transition team developed the following message to ITD employees as a commitment to keep them informed of the process to develop a strategic plan by July 1:

“We understand the uneasiness. We don’t have all the answers. As we do, we will communicate decisions/processes to you.”

Team members reaffirmed their commitment to “improve communication with ITD staff by further developing the ideas generated during the session and using a SOCO to communicate progress on the planning effort.”

ITD employees are encouraged to check the team’s web site for the latest developments in the transformation process and to watch for important information in future issues of the Transporter.

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