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Thanks for donating truck

Idaho Transportation Department,
On behalf of myself, the city council and the residents of Idaho City, please accept this thank you for your recent donation to the city of Idaho City of a 1989 International 10-wheel dump truck with bed and a 1987 CY Sander.

The addition of this equipment will enable our public works crew to complete snow removal from the city in a much more efficient and cost effective manner. We are truly thankful for this donation.

The possibility of this donation was first brought to my attention by our chief of police, Scott Turner, who had been in contact with Cecil Dallman of our local ITD crew. I would like for you to know how much the city appreciates the advice and knowledge of Mr. Dallman. He is always willing to spend his personal time to help the city in any way he can.

He is a true asset to our community and to ITD, as is the rest of our local ITD crew. This crew does a great job of keeping Idaho 21 open in some very difficult and dangerous conditions. I know they rarely get the thanks that they deserve, so please accept this as a thank you for their work also. We literally couldn't survive without them.

The city of Idaho City has and will continue to support ITD as much as possible. We look forward to a long and positive relationship with you and our local ITD crew. Thank you again.

Phillip J. Canody
City of Idaho City

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