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Coloring contest winners

Budding talent emerged like spring flowers during the Easter coloring contest sponsored by the Headquarters employee organization DoRolCo. Following were declared winners in their respective age groups with ITD employees listed in parentheses:

3 years old: Sydnee Lockie, (Misti Lockie), and Grace Shimatsu, (Sharon Kirby); 4 years old: Braden Oaks, (Alicia Oaks); 5 years old: Akyra Thompsom (Gary Genova); 7 years old: Samantha Scudder (Holy McClure), Conner Cook (Shannon Cook); 8 years old: Holly Blades (Kathy Blades); 9 years old: Amanda Marston (Susan Marston); 10 years old: Savannah Maxwell (Michelle Maxwell); and 12 years old: Joanna Scudder (Holly McClure).

Mo Detmar, Kay Williams and much of the Division of Motor Vehicles staff at Headquarters went 'South of the Border' for a quarterly meeting recently. Detmar and Williams helped set the Mexican theme by taking on the appearance of desperadoes. Kathy Blades captured the moment for posterity. Wednesday is the official Cinco de Mayo celebration.

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