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Historic bridge to receive facelift

Idaho 55 traffic will be restricted to one lane on Rainbow Bridge beginning Monday, May 3 through Friday, May 7 while crews conduct a bridge inspection.

The speed limit will be reduced to 25 mph while flaggers direct traffic through the work zone.

The inspection is part of the Rainbow Bridge Restoration project that will improve safety for travelers and preserve and protect the historic structure. Over the years, exposure to the elements has caused Rainbow Bridge to deteriorate.

The restoration project will include replacing the existing ornate bridge rails, restoring the stone masonry approach rails and retaining walls, repairing the deck, preventing freeze-thaw and corrosion damage, and improving its resistance to earthquakes.

Restoration of the arch, piers, and columns is scheduled to begin during the summer of 2006. It is expected that traffic flow will be maintained during this first phase of restoration.

CH2MHill of Boise is designing the Rainbow Bridge Restoration Project.

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