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District 3 introduces new public notice signs

How do you attract the public to a corridor study meeting or a public hearing?

In addition to flyers and personal visits, commuters traveling Chinden Boulevard in Garden City last week were provided another form of notification about two public open houses for an upcoming repaving project.

District 3’s new public notice signs made their debut on the shoulders of the busy Treasure Valley highway (U.S. 20/26) this week.

“These signs will prove to be an invaluable tool in the department’s effort to involve the public in our decision-making processes,” said ITD Public Involvement Coordinator Gwen Smith.

“It is critical that we provide commuters, residents and business owners with ample notification that we value their input on upcoming projects. These signs allow us to supply notice for public meetings, hearings and open houses directly in the back yards of those people who may be affected.”

The signs, or “sandwich boards,” consist of a type two barricade affixed with a reflective sign that reads, “Idaho Transportation Department Public Notice.”

“It has been a long, tedious, team effort, from coming up with the concept to actually seeing the finished product on the roadside,” said District 3 Public Affairs Specialist Mollie McCarty. “It never would have happened without the help of Brett Purvis in the sign shop, Rich Rabe, the shop superintendent, and Bryant Kuechle in public affairs for really getting the project off the drawing board and into production.”

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