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Online insurance enrollment form to be available

The Group Insurance Office of the Department of Administration recently announced that Blue Cross will have an online form available to help state employees complete the new enrollment process. Open enrollment begins Monday and concludes May 28.

The form should be accessible from the Blue Cross web site – – by the first day of open enrollment, May 1. Because the state is making a transition to a new health insurance provider, effective July 1, all participating state employees will need to complete an enrollment form by the end of May.

Choices made under the Regence BlueShield plan, which expires on June 30, do not automatically rollover to the new plan.

The new enrollment form – which includes options for dental, vision and mental health services – should take between five and 25 minutes to complete, depending on the complexity of an employee’s need. Several employees from ITD, including field staff and administrative staff, have helped to test the on-line application. Everyone involved indicated that it was fairly easy to use.

ITD management supports the need of employees to enroll during work hours from their worksite. Because the online form will be available at the Blue Cross site, enrollees also have the option of completing the process from home or other locations.

They also may choose the traditional paper form to indicate their health insurance options. Although the paper version is sufficient, there are compelling advantages to using the online enrollment process. Benefits of the electronic process include:

  • Direct submission to Blue Cross
  • Faster delivery of new group insurance cards to employees
  • Computer confirmation when the enrollment form is received by Blue Cross
  • Personal assistance via telephone 24 hours per day, seven days per week
  • Time and cost savings to ITD because forms also are transmitted to the state Controller’s Office and payroll changes made much quicker
  • Since there will not be a need to route the form for payroll processing, there is greater confidentiality

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