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Open enrollment begins May 1; new
information session added

Interest by state employees in the transition to a new health insurance provider, effective July 1, strained facilities during the first week of statewide meetings and prompted the Office of Insurance Management (OIM) to add another session in Boise Tuesday.

ITD employees and colleagues from other departments filled the Headquarters auditorium early Monday morning (April 26) and led to a second full session immediately afterward, at 10:30 a.m. A third information session could have been justified for those unable to participate in the first two.

“We apologize for not having the space to accommodate all of those interested in attending the sessions at ITD Headquarters,” said Human Resource Services manager Mary Harker. “No one could have predicted the level of interest and the requests for information that we have received so far on the health insurance transition.”

ITD employees have two more opportunities to learn about the Blue Cross options on Tuesday. A meeting is planned from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. in the Student Union Building (Jordan A and B) at Boise State University. The ballroom can accommodate a large audience and would be a good venue for ITD employees.

OIM added another meeting Tuesday, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the basement conference room at the Joe R. Williams Building on the Capitol Mall in Boise.

Open enrollment begins May 1 and continues through May 28. All state employees will need to enroll with Blue Cross; previous information filed with Regence BlueShield will not be transferred over to the new provider. Even employees who wish to decline coverage under the new provider will need to convey that decision on an enrollment form.

Employees who want to participate in the state’s flexible spending account program should enroll online or obtain a paper form from their respective Human Resource office.

Because of logistics of re-enrolling and the relatively short timeframe, employees are strongly encouraged to complete the process online, rather than use paper forms. Data from paper forms will need to be input manually, which complicates the process. Benefits of the electronic process include:

  • Direct submission to Blue Cross
  • Faster delivery of new group insurance cards to employees
  • Computer confirmation when the enrollment form is received by Blue Cross
  • Personal assistance via telephone 24 hours per day, seven days per week
  • Time and cost savings to ITD because forms also are transmitted to the state Controller’s Office and payroll changes made much quicker
  • Since there will not be a need to route the form for payroll processing, there is greater confidentiality

OIM has added new information about open enrollment that will help employees choose the option that best meets their needs. The site includes: open enrollment benefit forms (PDF), open enrollment meeting schedule, the open enrollment PowerPoint presentation, a chart that compares the traditional and Preferred Provider Organization options, the flexible spending account enrollment form and a list of frequently asked questions.

The web site is available at:

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