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DMV’s Moe Detmar announces summer retirement

Moe Detmar, a driving force behind Idaho’s Division of Motor Vehicles the past 27 years, announced recently that he will retire this summer. His last work day will be Friday, July 2.

He will join wife Mary Detmar, who retired early in 2003 from the Idaho Transportation Department early in 2003. She was manager of the Budget, Policy and Intergovernmental Relations section.

“I leave the division in capable hands,” Moe said in an April 30 letter to ITD Director Dave Ekern. “The managers and supervisors carrying out the daily business of motor vehicle administration are exemplary and will continue to provide exceptional service to Idaho citizens…”

Detmar began his ITD career on Nov. 17, 1977, and has served as manager of the DMV the past nine years.

He said he has “remained challenged during this 27-plus years of rewarding career opportunities. I am sad to leave a great team, yet excited about new adventures.”

Detmar said the division has made tremendous strides in improving customer service, has moved to the forefront in providing Idaho citizens with online services, and has gone a long way in “removing the stereotyped long lines and bureaucratic red tape” often associated with DMVs.

“Much work remains to enhance automated access and optional service delivery programs to all Idaho citizens. The success of the Information Systems transition will be the key to affording exemplary service to our customers.”

Detmar closed his announcement with a commitment to assist the transportation department and DMV in the future if opportunities arise.

The Transporter will provide a detailed look at Detmar’s 27-year career and his retirement plans in June.

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