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Our system is in good hands – yours

The more I have gotten to know ITD employees on a personal level, the more I appreciate the talents, energy and commitment they bring to their professions. The success of every organization – including ITD – is based on the contributions of its members.

We are successful as a state agency because you aren’t content with merely doing your job. You make extraordinary efforts to serve the citizens of Idaho, regardless of your responsibility, whether you are part of a maintenance or construction crew, planning team, administrative or technical support staff or executive team.

The world in which we live is vastly different today than it was yesterday. We are positioned extremely well to participate in that rapid change and to take full advantage of the new opportunities it presents.

I am convinced that Idaho’s transportation system is in very capable hands. During this special week, I want to convey to each of you, on behalf of the Idaho Transportation Board, ITD’s executive team and Idaho’s citizens our appreciation for everything you do.


Dave Ekern

ITD director

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