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Salary process moving forward

The transportation department’s FY2005 plan for allocating salary increases has been approved by the State Transportation Board, ITD Director Dave Ekern, and the Divisions of Human Resources and Financial Management.

With that approval, ITD can proceed with plans to distribute increases to about 1,750 employees who qualify by meeting performance review standards. The process now moves to the fast lane.

Information about implementing the increases has been delivered to district offices and sections. District and division administrative staff verified the information. The next step is that district administrative staff and Human Resource Office staff will manually enter the data into the state controller’s online program – Idaho Paperless Online Personnel/Payroll System.

The process, which requires detailed coordination and tracking, must be completed by May 14 so increases can become effective June 6. Letters from Division Administrators will inform employees of their increase and new rate, during the week of June 7.

Employees whose performance “meets expectations” will receive a 2 percent permanent increase. Those who exceed expectations will be awarded a 2.25 percent increase, while employees who significantly exceed expectations will receive 2.5 percent. All employees eligible for pay increases will receive at least .25 cents.

Processing these increases comes at a time when HRS staff also are assisting employees with the transition to a new health insurance plan and provider. The quick turnaround is made possible, in part, through the collaborative efforts of Information Technology, which helped with internal programming on Oracle, and General Services – both the printshop and mailroom. HRS appreciated the cooperation of supervisors and employees in meeting the performance evaluation deadlines.

For details of the FY2005 merit pay program, see Director’s Memorandum #3 and Human Resource Guidance Memorandum.

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