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Spokane firm makes short work of U.S. 12 project

When ITD designers contemplated a schedule for reconstructing a half-mile segment of U.S. 12, they figured it would take about 70 calendar days and wrote the contract accordingly.

Acme Concrete Paving of Spokane said thanks, but we’ll be in and out in far less time.

About three weeks less.

Only minor, finishing touches remain on the 12-inch thick concrete roadway that will carry heavy commercial truck traffic, commuters and visitors into Lewiston from the north. The new roadway, which includes two traffic lanes in each direction and a center turn lane, will vastly improve traffic flow on the much-used route and withstand the heavy loads destined for Potlatch Forest Industries and agricultural processing plants.

Acme began the project March 22 and committed two 12-hour shifts, seven days a week to the project. Most of the work was done during daylight hours – weather conditions were nearly ideal – while concrete paving was done at night to minimize impact on traffic.

The contract included an incentive to finish early – $6,500 per day up to a maximum of 5 percent of the project bid. Acme will receive the full incentive, $105,000, for its expedited work.

“It is well worth every penny to have it completed early,” said District 2 resident engineer Drew Woods. “Acme completed the project early without compromising quality, and they should be commended for that.”

This is the first timethe district has used the Spokane company and the first time in several decades that it has built a concrete road segment. Woods is very pleased with both.

“Acme was excellent to work with. They finished early because of good coordination with ITD, good coordination with subcontractors and because of their high standards and work ethic.”

Other companies that contributed to the success included Atlas Sand and Rock, of Lewiston; M.A. Albright and Sons of Lewiston (traffic control); Colvico of Spokane (electrical); and Poe Asphalt of Lewiston (curbs, gutters, sidewalks and decorative concrete).

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