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National Scenic Byway program approves
funding for nine Idaho projects

The following projects were approved for funding under the Federal Highway Administration's Scenic Byway program in 2007:

International Selkirk Loop: $25,000
Corridor Management Plan Implementation (Year 2)

Funding will enable continued implementation of the Selkirk Loop’s corridor management plan by continuing the process to find additional partners. It also will solicit independent funding to make the Loop self-sustaining in four years, further develop segment committees and increase involvement and coordinating with partners.

The project will explore additional grants, additional “wayfinding,” Web site enhancement, marketing activities and strategic marketing plan implementation. Also included is continued implementation of the 2006 stakeholder/traveler survey, adding more layers to the virtual tour and adding GPS coordinate downloads to enhance the virtual tour. The purchase of souvenirs such as postcards, decals and lapel pins will be explored.

Payette River: $25,000
Corridor Management Plan Implementation (Year 5)

The project will focus on development of a business and operating plan for the Payette River Scenic Byway Organization. By using technology such as audio and video tools, interpretive materials may be developed, not only for use by current byway travelers, but also for possible use online, in classrooms, as part of new-business recruitment or as part of events

Funding may be used for design, production or distribution costs, corridor management plan coordination and resource development, which may include travel and training.

Western Heritage National Historic Byway: $26,800
Corridor Management Plan Implementation (Year 2)

The project will provide second-year funding for implementation of the corridor management plan. During development of the plan, the advisory committee concluded the Western Heritage Historic Byway has not yet been discovered by many Idahoans or other visitors, earning it distinction as one of Idaho’s best-kept secrets. The byway is located in the Treasure Valley, which is home to more than 500,000 residents, yet it is one of the least recognized.

The corridor management plan recognizes the importance of marketing and promotion in the byway implementation strategy. The goal is to implement a marketing and promotion plan through activities that focus on the byway’s historical, scenic, cultural and geological assets those who live in the region and to the greater community and nation.

Northwest Passage: $25,000
Corridor Management Plan Implementation (Year 5)

Byway program funding will provide seed money to:
• Implement the strategies outlined in the updated corridor management plan
• Coordinate the byway efforts through the services of a coordinator
• Continue building capacity of the byway advisory team
• Create long-term approaches to sustainability

The byway coordinator will collaborate beyond the Northwest Passage Scenic Byway (NWPBS) advisory team, North Central Idaho Travel Association (NCITA), National Park Service and the Nez Perce Tribe to include partners such as county and city officials, economic developers, visitor center volunteers and agency personnel, and will assist in management and oversight of the program.

Teton Scenic Byway Visitors Center: $616,112
The facility will become a centerpiece of the Teton Scenic Byway, providing restroom and information services 24 hours a day and interpretive displays that define most of the byway’s intrinsic qualities. It will house a national collection of art from Thomas Moran and William Henry Jackson and will provide “wayfinding” information for byway sites and tourist services.
It also will display information on all of Idaho’s scenic byways and specific maps for all that are adjacent in Eastern Idaho. It is anticipated the center will attract visitors to the Teton Scenic Byway. The center will be a gateway to Idaho.

International Selkirk Loop: Video and Birding Tours: $63,022
This project will allow continued progress on two of the major priorities of the corridor management plan by showcasing the Historic David Thompson Story and providing and marketing the outstanding birding opportunities of the loop. Four-color birding maps and brochures will be produced, and follow-up attendance at the world’s largest “birdfair” will bring travelers from all over the world.

A “birding vacation” page also will be added to the byway Web site.

The David Thompson History on the Loop will develop a storyline, create three David Thompson vignettes and work with the David Thompson Bicentennial Committee. Timing is ideal to capture the major draw of the two-country David Thompson 2008/2012 Bicentennial.

Sawtooth Scenic Byway: $200,000
Bethine and Frank Church Scenic Overlook

The Bethine and Frank Church Scenic Overlook (formerly Galena Overlook) is within the Sawtooth National Recreation Area of central Idaho. The project will include reconstruction and upgrading one of the oldest and most heavily visited facilities within the Sawtooth NRA.

Originally built in 1964, the renovated overlook will include an improved design that incorporates building materials compatible with high-elevation weather conditions, reduced annual maintenance costs, increased site capacity, new interpretive displays, viewing telescopes and orientation maps. It will meet ADA accessibility standards and provide opportunities to coordinate with the Idaho Transportation Department for improved traveler safety.

Northwest Passage, West Entrance Information Kiosk: $34,300
The project is located at the west entrance to the Northwest Passage Scenic Byway in Lewiston on the bank of the Clearwater River. Its location is a critical decision point for travelers entering the byway from Washington on U.S. 12 and for travelers entering from the north and south via U.S. 95.

The project includes acquiring and installing a traveler information kiosk containing six interpretive panels. It will be located at North Lewiston’s Steelhead Park and Boat Ramp.

Marketing the Top 10 Scenic Drives in the Northern Rockies: $428,000
The international byway marketing effort links all three All-American Roads in the northern Rocky Mountains with scenic byways in their four adjacent national parks/recreation areas and the three National Historic Trails that connect them in Idaho, Washington, Wyoming, Montana and British Columbia.

The project encompasses all three All-American Roads in the northern Rockies, plus their adjacent national parks/recreation areas and national historic trails. Included within the Top 10 Scenic Drives are 19 state and national scenic byways. The marketing program packages those byways in a way that assists domestic and international travelers to experience the best scenic drives in the northern Rockies.

Total for Idaho (9 Projects) $1,443,234

Published 12-14-07