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District 3 announces tentative schedule
for major highway construction projects in 2009

Over the next few months, more than a dozen transportation projects are planned throughout in the Treasure Valley - with more in Washington and Valley counties - including a couple of highly anticipated Interstate 84 projects.
Here are brief descriptions of those projects, including contractor, price and timeline:

Linden Street & 10th Avenue, Caldwell
This project will provide for intersection improvements including a new traffic signal, irrigation work, standard five-foot concrete sidewalk, curb, gutter, 200-300 feet of approach work, and signage.
* Contractor:  Idaho Sand & Gravel Co. (Nampa)
* Amount: $460,915
* Est. Start: Feb. 3
* Est. Completion: April 15

Idaho 55, Eagle Road Underpass Pathway, Eagle
This Transportation Enhancement project will construct 260 feet of 10-foot-wide multi-use pathway underneath the North Channel structure that connects the Greenbelt on the east and west sides of Idaho 55.  The City of Eagle is also picking up part of the cost of this project.
* Contractor: McAlvain Excavation Inc. (Boise)
* Amount: $184,022
* Est. Start: Early February
* Est. Completion: Late May

U.S. 95, Snake River Bridge, Homedale
This project will rehabilitate and overlay the bridge deck, which consists of two 16-foot travel lanes with a sidewalk on the west side. The bridge was built in 1969, and no work has occurred on this structure since. An extra inch will be added to the bridge deck during the overlay, the approaches on both the north and south ends will be repaved for 50 feet, the bridge joints replaced, and one of the piers patched. Fifty feet of curb and gutter will be replaced, and 27 feet of guardrail will be reset. During the work, one lane will remain open.
* Contractor: Concrete Placing Co. Inc. (Boise)
* Amount: $638,815
* Est. Start: March 1
* Est. Completion: Mid-May

Idaho 52, Payette River Bridge, Emmett
This bridge-deck rehabilitation project is over the Payette River in Emmett. The existing bridge was built in 1971. Over time, the effects of age, traffic and road salts from de-icing in the winter have deteriorated the concrete on the deck surface. An inch and a half of the old surface will be removed, with two inches of new concrete added to the surface. This will extend the life of the bridge significantly.
* Contractor: Braun-Jensen (Boise)
* Amount: $375,000
* Est. Start: March 16
* Est. Completion: Summer

Merrill Park Boise River Bridge, Eagle
This Transportation Enhancement project will construct 400 feet of multi-use pathway east of Merrill Park, and a 185-foot pedestrian bridge across the north channel of the Boise River. The City of Eagle is also participating financially in this project.
* Contractor: King Excavation (Caldwell)
*  Amount: $417.968
* Est. Start: Spring (subject to possible access issues)
* Est. Completion: Summer 2009

Idaho 21, King Road to Boise Basin Park
During this project 2,850 feet of multi-use pathway south of and parallel to Idaho 21 will be constructed, beginning at Main Street in Idaho City and extending east to Boise Basin Community Park. This project is expected to be completed in 2009.  It is based on a 2004 Transportation Enhancement application. The trail will be 10 feet wide, and intended for equestrian, bicycle, walking, and non-motorized activities. Idaho City is also participating financially in this project.
* Amount: $95,109
* Est. Start: Spring
* Estimated Completion: Summer

Idaho 51, Jct. Idaho 67, Mountain Home
This is an intersection improvement project at the junction of Idaho 67 (Airbase Road) and Idaho 51. A traffic signal will be added, as will left- and right-turn bays.
* Contractor: WF Construction & Sales LLC (Meridian)
Amount: $514,026
* Est. Start: Spring
* Est. Completion: Summer
I-84, Pavement Surface Treatment
This I-84 project is a chemical-application project to prevent further deterioration of the concrete pavement from Mountain Home to Hammett.  Several applications of oil will seal the cracks in this 24-mile stretch, from milepost 90 to 114.
* Contractor: American Civil Construction (Benicia, Calif.)
Amount: $2,435,554
* Est. Start: Spring
* Est. Completion: Summer
I-84, Mountain Home Overpass
This project will repair the overpass at milepost 90 damaged by a commercial tractor trailer when struck in July 2007. Several steel girders and cross frames will be repaired. Work will occur during daytime hours; because it involves welding, work is prohibited during nighttime hours when the glare from the welding could cause disorientation or confusion in motorists driving through the work zone. Construction is expected to start in early March 2009 and finish by the end of the month. The westbound traffic on I-84 will be restricted to one lane during repair operations.  The one-lane westbound traffic will utilize the inside westbound lane and shoulder if needed.  Neither eastbound traffic on the interstate nor traffic on the bridge will be restricted.  Bids on the project are expected to be opened Jan. 13, and construction is expected next spring.
* Contractor: Record Steel & Concrete (Meridian)
* Amount: $53,738
* Est. Start: Spring
* Est. Completion: Summer

Pedestrian Path Enhancement, New Plymouth
This Transportation Enhancement project will reconstruct 987 feet of sidewalk and construct ADA (American with Disabilities Act)-compliant ramps through downtown New Plymouth. The City of New Plymouth is also participating financially in this project.
* Contractor: Diamond Contractors (Eagle)
* Amount: $256,759  (bid being reviewed)
* Est. Start:  Spring
* Est. Completion: Summer


Idaho 55, Smiths Ferry to Round Valley Reconstruction/Realignment  
The seven-mile stretch (milepost 95-102) of Idaho 55 from south of Smiths Ferry to Round Valley is a narrow, winding highway. The area often experiences congestion during holidays and weekends. The narrow shoulders and tight curves contribute to an accident rate 1.5 times higher than the statewide average. The Idaho 55: Smiths Ferry to Round Valley Alignment Study will decide which option best improves safety, addresses congestion and accommodates for the future. The project concept report should be approved by August 2009. A pavement rehabilitation project from milepost 97 to 102 is expected in spring 2009.
Idaho 55, Main Street, Donnelly
This half-mile project consists of a left-turn bay onto Roseberry St. (mp. 131) and a two-way left-turn (center turn) lane through town, starting at Boulder Creek Bridge. The project also includes minor sidewalk additions, drainage improvements, and traffic-access control. Construction is scheduled to begin in spring 2009.


U.S. 95, Midvale Hill Rest Area
This project will rehabilitate the existing rest area and caretaker facilities, create additional truck parking, and include other repairs. The rest room building is being completely torn down and rebuilt.
* Contractor: WF Construction & Sales LLC (Meridian)
* Amount: $1,436,640
* Est. Start: April                        
* Est. Completion: November

On I-84, the Orchard Street and Ten Mile Interchanges are two GARVEE projects that have received a lot of attention. At Orchard, the existing interchange will be replaced by a partial Diamond interchange design, to add capacity and accommodate future additional lanes in that stretch of freeway.  The project is currently being advertised, with bids expected to be opened on Feb. 3. Construction on the project is expected to start in the following month.
The existing overpass at Ten Mile will be replaced with a full interchange. A Final Design Review has been held, and both ACHD and the City of Meridian have agreed to closing Ten Mile Road during the project, which should shave about six months off the construction timetable. The project is expected to advertise for contractors’ bids in April 2009, with construction beginning in June.
The two GARVEE projects are expected to have approximately a $97-million price tag for construction.

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Photo: Crews widen the I-84 bridge over the New York Canal just east of the Orchard Street Interchange in Boise. The project will allow new ramp lanes at the Orchard Interchange and future additional lanes in the I-84 median.

Published 1-23-9