Administrative assistants meet for 22nd workshop

ITD Director Brian Ness explained his vision for the department as he set the stage for the 22nd annual Administrative workshop this week in Boise. In addition to elaborating on the elements that comprise that vision, he also touched on a concept to reduce reporting levels and make the department more efficient.

Director Ness’s remarks came as Administrative professionals from throughout the state met for a full day of presentations and networking at the Nazareth Conference Center Wednesday.

The morning agenda include a session on “Positive Communication: How to Stay a ‘Yes’ Person in a ‘No’ World, b Dawn Craner; a presentation on the central issuance of Idaho driver’s licenses as part of a transition to “One Person, One Record,” by Jeanne Purcell; and a session by Vic Parrish on “Getting to Yes: The Role of the Admin in Customer Service.”

Craner is an Emeritus Associate Professor of Communication at Boise State University and a consultant for government, professional and business organizations., including ITD.

Purcell is a 15-year ITD employee who has worked in the Motor Carrier section and the Driver Services Suspension unit before becoming a Driver License Unit supervisor. Parrish is a trainer in Human Resource Development.

Phyllis Nodler opened the afternoon session with a presentation on “Positive Ways to Deal with Stress.” She is a licensed clinical professional counselor with a master’s degree in counseling and art therapy and has worked in mental health and wellness for nearly 30 years.

Idaho Transportation Board Secretary Sue Higgins talked about board functions and processes and former ITD public involvement coordinator closed the formal program with a presentation on “My Todays and Tomorrows are Siblings.”

Published 10-15-2010