ETS survey will help improve services

Recently ETS conducted a general “technology” survey, asking some basic questions that will aid our management team in evaluating the responses, and determining how ETS can make improvements and do a better job supporting the agency (you). This survey was run for a full month and was available via a link on the ITD Intranet home page.

The questions were primarily aimed at feedback related to desktop performance, software application suitability and usefulness, desktop support and to determine the overall perception of how well our systems are performing for the agency.

We had 51 responses, and some great feedback, so to those of you who took the survey, thank you very much for taking the time to do so. The ETS management team and our division administrator will now formally review and discuss the results. For those who took the survey, and indicated that it was ok to contact you, if we need further information/clarification on an answer you may get a phone call.

As a means to continually improve and understand how we are doing for the agency, this survey will be run periodically. In between surveys it is always ok, and encouraged to give me a call, or send me an email to let me know how things are going; good, bad or otherwise. I understand things don’t always work like you would like them too, or that at times it can be very frustrating when something changes or no longer works on your computer. Getting some good constructive feedback helps me, and my management team to potentially make adjustments and improvements to our processes, and ultimately to our customer service delivery.

Thank you,

Jon Pope
Chief Technology Officer

Published 10-15-2010