Insurance premiums to take two-month 'holiday'
Health insurance payroll deductions will not be taken in November, December

During the 2010 Legislative Session, the Department of Administration was directed to utilize reserve funds to provide premium holidays on the Active Employee medical/dental plans for two months during the current fiscal year. In addition the Legislature only appropriated 10 months of the normal state contribution for the medical/dental plans to agencies.

The premium holidays will be in November and December, which will benefit employees during the holiday season. During those two months, no premium will be withheld from agencies or employees.

We will receive enrollment reports from the Controller’s Office, universities and colleges and other political subdivisions participating in our Group Medical/Dental plans identifying all employees enrolled, the plan in which they are enrolled and the amount of premium due. This will allow the Office of Group Insurance to draw the appropriate premium amounts from reserves and remit it to the carrier along with the enrollment reports identifying those covered.

Normal payroll premium withholding will resume with the first pay date in January.
If you have any questions regarding the insurance premium holidays please contact Cynthia Ness.

Cynthia Ness
Office of Group Insurance

Published 10-15-2010