ITD Mailbox

Food for thought, needy Idahoans


I see that the ITD food drive and craft fair is today. Please share our appreciation with all who are involved in your organization. We are very grateful and it will quickly be put to good use! We’ve seen at least a 30 percent increase in our food distribution needed by our network partners this year (we’ll distribute well over 10 million pounds by the end of our fiscal year).
 I personally have met people who’ve always worked and contributed, who’ve lost their jobs and have gone through savings, unemployment benefits and are on the verge of losing their homes. They’re applying for food stamps for the first time, and the reality is hitting that food stamps don’t make it through the month. Our emergency food is helping them feed their families and stretch their budgets. And we don’t see this need letting up anytime soon.
So please let everyone know that we will make good use of their gifts, and appreciate their support.
$1 = 3 meals; 93 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to providing services and programs that fulfill our mission to ‘end hunger in Idaho.’

Jenifer Johnson,
Idaho Food Bank

Thanks for helping driver’s license process

ITD Driver’s License Unit
(Barbara, Jeanne, Naomi, Susan, Dave, Debra D., Deanna and Laura),

The crew at Butte County would like to express our appreciation and thank you all for your great help getting us up to speed with driver’s licenses.

You have all been very helpful and patient assisting us with all of our questions and problems. We have quite a few “newbies!” We have a lot to learn, and we are becoming more confident every day.

Again, thank you.
The Butte County driver’s licensing crews

Prompt, professional service

Ed Pemble, ITD Driver Services,

To Lynn (Rhodes) and the ITD service: Thank you so much for your amazing, prompt and professional reply and service.

I received my duplicate license in plenty of time to be able to return to Boise! My husband and I have told everyone here in New York, New Hampshire and New Jersey about how terrific you’ve been.

I’m also a state of Idaho employee, and we wanted ITD to know how much we appreciate you.

Thanks again,

Marsha Davies

(Note: ITD’s Driver Services unit sent a duplicate driver’s license to Ms. Davies while she was traveling on the East Coast. She needed a picture ID to pass through airline security and return to Idaho.)

Published 10-15-2010