Gresham promotes bikes, walking as mobility options

ITD bicycle and pedestrian coordinator Maureen Gresham has promoted alternative forms of transportation since accepting the position about a year ago. As a bike/pedestrian advocate, she often reaches out to special groups in an effort to improve communication about mobility in Idaho.

Recognizing those efforts, a bicycle organization recently directed readers to the ITD Bike/Ped website that has undergone significant improvements. “In the Spin,” maintained by Twin Rivers Cyclists, is dedicated to bicycling in the Treasure Valley.

Among the items featured on its current website is information Gresham provided.:

Biking and Walking in Idaho

“Idaho is committed to bicycle and pedestrian mobility. These forms of transportation provide healthy, economically beneficial and green mobility alternatives. The two modes are also key links within the entire transportation network in Idaho, which includes motor vehicles, transit, aeronautics, and a seaport.

“This commitment includes developing facilities for use by pedestrians and bicyclists and providing public educational, promotional, and safety programs. This web page includes information and links to ITD initiatives related to bicycling and walking, tips and resources for bicycling and walking in Idaho, information on how bicycle and pedestrian projects are implemented, as well as useful links to other organizations that are committed to bicycle and pedestrian mobility...”

To learn more about ITD’s commitment to bicycling and walking as modes of transportation, visit the department's bike/pedestrian website.

Published 1-7-2011