ITD Mailbox

Lifesaving gifts

Cheryl Rost,
Employee Safety & Risk Management

I just wanted to let you know that for Christmas presents we are putting together emergency kits for our adult children. Our kits include, first aid medical supplies for adults and children, flashlights, flares, cans of Sterno cooking fluid, blankets, diapers, food, water. We are having a great time and I know they will love them. This is not something young adults with small children put on their “Must Have” list. After our experience last year, we learned how important it is to be prepared. Even if you are displaced for one night, it could be a disaster. Especially with the cold winter weather, a flat tire could mean death.

We are tailoring them for each family. Such as diapers, baby aspirin, cold medicine, formula. The Sterno is vital I think. It will heat up the inside of a vehicle in a matter of minutes. My cousin’s husband froze to death about 10 years ago after he ran off the road in Wyoming going to work. They didn’t find his body until spring because he tried to walk out. Nobody told him to stay in his car and wait for help.

I learned so much I will never forget while serving on the safety committee. I can’t stop preaching to anyone who will listen; they need to be prepared for anything. Merry Christmas to you and the Safety Committee.

Tracey Jo Richards
Vehicle Services Titles Unit

Thanks for presentation to RE Academy

Cheryl Rost,
Employee Safety & Risk Management

Thank you Cheryl for taking the time to conduct the presentation at the RE Academy.  I enjoyed your session and I am sure I will be able to put to use what I have learned from your expertise.

You were able to create a captive audience and present the material in such a way as to inspire questions regarding risk management.

Thank you for a job well done.  I appreciated your session and the time it took for preparation.

Jeffrey L. Spohn, TSEA

Published 12-30-2010