Installation of new phones at Headquarters planned next month

Installation of new phones at Headquarters will begin Feb. 18, starting at 6 p.m. and will continue through Feb. 22.

The installation will conclude an effort that began in May 2009. Since the process began, all phones at district offices and the Division of Aeronautics in Boise have been replaced.

Along with new phones, installation will include a new call center application called the Unified Contact Center Enterprise. It will be installed in the Division of Motor Vehicles at the same time the phones are installed. The application will give DMV staff the ability to handle incoming calls more efficiently and provide enhanced service for those calls.

The ITD Training and Development section began training employees on the use and functions of the new phones Monday (Jan. 3). Headquarters employees will be contacted and scheduled to attend the training.

More information about the phone and call center application will be posted in future Transporter issues.

Published 1-7-2011