D-4 Christmas party raises more than $5,000 for chairity

Two days before the District 4 Christmas Party raffle, Randy Walgamott – who has sold tickets and collected money for years – said this year was the most money he’d seen raised.

Little did anyone know D-4 would more than double the previous year’s fundraising effort.

“We never thought (the Christmas party) would turn out as nice or that we would raise that much
money,” Christmas Committee chair Dave Jensen said. “I think it is a great moral booster for the district and the communities we helped out.”

In all, the raffle of donated items raised $5,158 and D-4 employees donated several hundred pounds of food as well.

“It was nice to hit every part of the district with donations,” Jensen said. “ I can’t think of one negative thing that came from the entire party and raffle.”

Thank you to all who participated, bought tickets, made food, and attended the party.

Published 1-21-2011