ITD to help students plan Idaho Future Cities

It’s no surprise the Idaho Transportation Department will play a monumental role in shaping Idaho’s future. But one way of doing that may not be readily apparent.

ITD will work with school students and adult volunteers to plan the way Idaho looks and moves as part of the annual Idaho Future Cities competition at Boise State University this weekend.

Two ITD employees, Erika Bowen and Karissa Hardy, are members of the steering committee that planned this year’s event. Three others – Director Brian Ness, Bob Amoureux and Amy Schroeder will serve as judges.

Ten ITD employees contributed $300 to help sponsor a special award, including: Terry McAdams, Loren Thomas, Nestor Fernandez, Michelle George, Karissa Hardy, Erika Bowen, Greg Laragan, Dan Harelson, Monica Crider, Amy Schroeder. They join three employees – Jerry Flatz, Dan Coonce, Wayne Herbel from the Local Highway Technical Assistance Council (LTAC) – in sponsoring the award.

The award is entitled: “Accessible City Award." It will be awarded for the project that creates the “Most Accessible Design for people with disabilities, the elderly, and others with mobility impairments.  Design that accommodates the most innovative systems (i.e. transportation, public rights of way, accessible services) for a community.”

The Idaho Future Cities competition will be Saturday (Jan. 22) on the BSU campus.

ITD employees have participated in the event the past seven years.

Published 1-21-2011