Treasure trove of Perrine Brridge contruction slides discovered;
slides donated to library, available on D-4 server

About two years ago, a multitude of photos and slides were uncovered in D-4 storage of the construction of the I.B. Perrine Bridge. The pictures present a visual history of all activities from the beginning of construction in 1973 through beginning of construction of the superstructure in the summer of 1975 and completion of the bridge in 1976.

More than a thousand photos and slides were in the boxes. But the question quickly became what to do with those photos — keep them or find a better home? It didn’t take long the decision was to donate the collection to the Twin Falls Public Library under one condition — ITD receive a digital record of all photos and slides.

That arduous task was recently completed and ITD received a digital copy of about 2,000 photos taken solely from the slide reels. But is an incomplete record — the set does not go through the end of construction.

Additional photos of the final stages of bridge construction have not yet been added to the series, but there are still several binders of black and white images to be digitally scanned. That task may take much longer, but for now the documentation of the first two years of construction can be viewed by anyone.

The photos are available at the Twin Falls library and have been loaded on the D-4 Common Drive/Photos/Perrine Bridge Constr. for use by ITD.

Photos: Top: A view of the south span of the new Perrine Bridge along side the 1926 version, taken in the spring of 1975. Left: Tthe arch foundation frame on the north side of the bridge.


Published 1-21-2011