Affirmative action available for review on Intranet

ITD’s five-year Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) is available on the department’s Intranet site for easy access.

The AAP focuses on the hiring, training and promoting of individuals in protected classes that are under-represented within ITD’s workforce. The plan establishes employment goals for minorities and women whose representation in the workforce is less than would be reasonably expected by availability estimates of the qualified labor pool. The plan also names the positive affirmative steps ITD will take to recruit and employ qualified minorities and women. If followed, the AAP becomes the guide for a program that should result in fair employment for all employees and represent the diversity of the state’s population.

It is the responsibility of each manager and supervisor to review the plan and become familiar with his or her role within the Internal Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Program. Managers and supervisors are expected to foster and support EEO and workforce diversification in making employment decisions, practices and programs.

“Management’s role is essential to the success of ITD’s Internal EEO Program,” explains Michelle George, Internal EEO Resource Specialist for Human Resource Services.

The plan also is required by the Federal Highway Administration Equal Employment Opportunity program to maintain compliance for federal funding. 

View the plan via the intranet:

http://itdnet/executive_team/human_resource_services/Pages/EEO.aspx . Select Affirmative Action Plan.

For more information, contact George at 334-8845.

Published 2-4-2011