HRS adds new link for benefit information

From Human Resource Services
We would like to introduce you to the new Intranet Benefits Link (Under Human Resources-Things you need to know). The purpose of this link is to quickly help you understand the various benefits and direct you to valuable resources. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with this new tool.

Family Medical Leave
This is a reminder to all employees of the rights and responsibility to the Federal Family Medical Leave Act. As a State of Idaho employer, we are required to follow this law.

When there is a qualifying event, all employees are responsible to request FMLA for their own medical condition as well as for qualified family members.

If an employee is unable to complete the request themselves then it is the reasonability of the supervisor to ensure the FMLA is designated. Supervisors should contact the personnel technician in the district or the A/RTW team in Human Resources for assistance.

It is a violation of law to avoid applying for FMLA.

For more information, please review the FMLA link under Leave Benefits.

Accommodation/Return to Work Program
ITD policy A-18-08 requires that any employee who is out three days or more is required to go through the Accommodation/Return to Work (A/RTW) program.

When an employee needs to be off work or needs temporary or permanent accommodations due to medical issues, the A/RTW program is there to help guide the employee and supervisor through an interactive process. This program also helps employees coordinate leave benefits and ensure continuation of health insurance.

More information regarding this program can be found on the Leave Benefits Return to Work link.

Leave donation
On the Human Resources webpage, we have added the “Employee’s in Need of Leave Donation” list (located at the left of the page). The employees listed have authorized us to post their names as candidates for leave donation. We have the ability to keep this list current up to the minute.

Due to urgency, it will still be necessary to send notices by e-mail. However, the list is the best place to check to see if someone is still in need after the e-mail has been sent.

Published 2-11-2011