FHWA introduces new on-line information forum

Victor Mendez, administrator of the Federal Highway Administration, recently introduced a new “first-person” web-based information exchange program for transportation professionals, “Every Day Counts.”

“We envision this forum as a marketplace of ideas and opinions from people in the transportation community about our Every Day Counts initiative and the advancement of better, faster and smarter transportation solutions,” explains FHA Deputy Administrator Greg Nadeau who will moderate the forum.

“It will be my job to make sure the forum remains thought-provoking, interesting and informative.

“As you explore this first EDC Forum, you'll see that our Federal Highway Administrator, Victor Mendez, has written a first-person account of his thinking behind the creation of Every Day Counts and his hopes for what it can achieve. We look forward to hearing from the administrator on a regular basis as he marks significant milestones along the EDC journey.”

The initial edition of the forum includes discussions of the challenges and opportunities faced by professionals and leaders from across the country. They provide input on the questions, “Why innovate?” and “Why now?” Future topics will include individual initiatives and innovations as well as issues and progress of EDC.

“Each month we'll invite a number of transportation leaders and professionals to share their ideas about Every Day Counts. Some will write about specific initiatives or technologies as we focus on one aspect of EDC. On other occasions, we'll invite people to write about broader themes, like the role of innovation or the impact of shortening project delivery.

“By sharing our ideas, I hope we can help each other stay focused on our real objective, which is to assist each state in implementing its priority initiatives and putting innovation to work on behalf of the American people,” Nadeau explains.

“I hope that you will return often to participate in the discussion through readership and sharing the discussions with your colleagues.”

See Everyday Counts forum

Published 2-11-2011