Three-year DMV modernization process moving forward

A three-year process to modernize the Division of Motor Vehicles automated systems has entered the “pre-award” phase as ITD continues working with 3M to develop a fully functional system.

3M submitted a proposal for developing the system product. As part of the pre-award phase, ITD is working with the prospective vendor to ensure the proposed product will meet the department's demands. Once satisfied, ITD will be positioned to move forward with a contract award.

ITD is using a “best value” approach that relies on a vendor’s expertise and ability to deliver a complete and fully functional system “which is similar to buying a boxed computer program off-the-shelf, and then making the necessary adjustments to meet our needs,” explains a recent DMV report.

The project plan identifies four major milestones for the evolving modernization:

1. The first phase will entail working with Dealers the Financials, with in-depth validation of requirements. The process, expected to take three or four months, should be completed by May 2012.

2. The second phase will incorporate Vehicle Services – titles and registrations and an in-depth validation of requirements. It is expected to begin this summer and be completed by May 2013,

3. The third phase that will include drivers’ records is expected to begin in December 2013 and finish about six months later.

4. The final phase will involve commercial vehicles and the International Registration Plan (IRP).

Each of the four phases involves a gap analysis, product design and building, acceptance, testing and deployment.

“Subject Matter Experts have been selected and are already working hard, not only on clarifying high-level requirements, but also working with contractors on our data staging/data cleansing efforts.”

That involves analyzing existing data for anomalies, cleaning the extraneous data and placing records in a “holding tank.” The data cleansing process has been under way for more than a year and is close to producing the first production data anomaly reports, explains project manager Dave Merriweather.

DMV staff are looking for volunteers from county assessors offices to assist in the business requirements design, validation and testing phase.

Joining Merriweather on the four-member management team are: Linda Ford, deputy project manager; Dave Metcalf, manager of the subject matter experts; and Brenda Haskell, project coordinator.

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Published 3-25-2011