Headquarters, D-3 employees honored for employment milestones

The Idaho Transportation Board joined ITD colleagues, friends and family this week in acknowledging employees who achieved longevity milestones in their professional careers. Fifty-one employees reached new plateaus, including 13 who marked five years of employment, 11 who reached 20 years and nine who have worked 15 years.

Scott Ellsworth of CH2MHILL presented special honors to Dave Dansereau and Dan Davis, both of District 3. Dansereau was named Maintenance Person of the Year, and Davis was awarded Safety Person of the Year honors. (See related story.)

The ceremony also included formal recognition of 12 employees who retired during the last six months of 2010. Collectively, they represented 328 years of service to ITD and the state, or an average of 27.3 years per retiree. Half of the retirees recorded 30 or more years, including: Laurie McAllister, Tim Greeley, Karen Sparkman, Roxana Marshall, Louie Albright and Rebecca Davis. Of the 12, Davis recorded the longest employment with ITD at 41 years; Albright had 38 years, and Marshall, 37 years.

Board member Lee Gagner of District 6 and ITD DIrector Brian Ness provided opening remarks. DMV Administrator Alan Frew served as emcee.

Photo: ITD Director Brian Ness presents a certificate to Tammie Jauregui honoring her for work to coordinate United Way's 2010-2011 charitable giving campaign at ITD.

5 Years
10 Years
Trish Taylor, Right of Way Jim Thomason, Right of Way
Jeff Oien, Vehicle Services Martin Chaney, ETS
Brenda Haskell, ETS Ken Stewart, ETS
Lindy Starr, Driver Services Ruth Munoz, Financial Services
Chris Kaetzel, ETS Dianna Hoffecker, Materials
Leslye Nelson, Driver Services
Charles Gordon, Highway Operations
20 Years
Carn Pluto, ETS Dave Parker, Materials
Marc Jacobsen, Business & Support Mgt. Carla Anderson, Administration Mgt.
Jason Williamson, Business & Support Mgt. Brenda Bengston, Driver Services
Dave Thomas, Materials Kris Branner, Vehicle Services
Bonnie Fogdalll, Motor Vehicles Joann Auger, Planning
John Wiley, Business & Support Mgt. Deborah Gravett, ETS
15 Years
Alison Monasterio, Vehicle Services
Joy Morris, Business & Support Mgt. Chris Fisher, Vehicle Services
Michelle Maxwell, Financial Services Mark Lessor, Aeronautics
Jeanne Purcell, Driver Services Patty Harris, Financial Services
Debbie Witefield, Vehicle Services Cargie Aitchison, Planning
Elizabeth Shannon, Bridge
Rod Reed, ETS
30 Years
Joann Dale, Commercial Vehicle Services Jeff Miles, Materials
Mary Quarles, Internal Review Rod Becker, Business & Support Mgt.
Gail Grenz, Business & Support Mgt. Mary Lynn Miller, Commercial Vehicle Services
Carmen Reese, Right of Way
25 Years
Jerri Hunter, Commercial Vehicle Services
Lee Peckham, ETS
Suzanne Hawkins, Financial Services
35 Years
Donna Ball, Motor Vehicle Services Evey McAdams, Business & Support Mgt.
Cathy Smith, Budget & Program Mgt.
Don Nesbitt, ETS
Roger Kassens, Planning
Judy Rogers, Planning
Honored Retirees
Gregory Clark, 11 years Laurie McAllister, 30 years
Bill Ambron, 12 years Tim Greeley, 31 years
Thomas Fry, 18 years Karen Sparkman, 35 years
Chuck Cahoon, 23 years Roxana Marshall, 37 years
Michael Allen, 25 years Louie Albright, 38 years
Garry Young, 27 years Rebecca Davis, 41 years
In Memoriam
Pearl Rainey

Published 3-18-2011