Can you afford to retire?

Most of us would like to retire, but we aren’t sure if it’s possible. We don’t know much we will need in retirement, and we’re concerned about the rising cost of healthcare.

Figuring out the magic number you’ll need to retire comfortably can be like throwing darts at a dart board. We may hear we need less money in retirement, but we would like to include an Alaskan cruise or we are caring for other family members. These days, retirement may feel like a pipe dream and not a reality.

Instead of guessing where you’ll be and hoping you won’t have to go back to work part-time after you retire, consider talking with a financial services professional at Icon Credit Union to create a tangible plan based on your unique situation. Financial planning is a free benefit to credit union membership. No matter what your income or current financial situation, Icon can give you a road map and professional advice tailored to your personal needs.

For more information, contact Jeff Currie at 344-7948 ext. 270 or Amy Herber at 947-0123 ext 123 at Icon offices in Boise.

Published 3-25-2011