ITD Mailox

Plowing the way for smooth travel

Shannon Thornton,
District 1
I must apologize for not making the time to send this to you sooner. I want to say a big "thank you" for the great job you’re doing in keeping (Idaho 200) open this winter. As an employee of Kootenai and a voting member of BCATT, I know  all too well the financial and staff issues with which you are challenged.
As a resident of East Hope, I travel Idaho 200 no less than twice a day.  I think of you often when I can get through East Hope and Hope on the old highway without the ruts of others vehicles dragging my car all over the road in heavy snow. I usually say out loud “thank you Shannon!”
Would you please pass this message along to your crew and let them know that I am only one of many that appreciates their hard work in keeping us safely mobile here in Bonner County?
I know Susan Kiebert will be passing this along to you, as well, however, the mayor stated, during the council meeting recenty, what a great job you do.  This will be in the minutes of the council meeting.  
Mary Luzmoor
Kootenai City Clerk-Treasurer

Published 3-25-2011