Dansereau, Davis honored as top maintenance, safety employees

Dave Dansereau and Dan Davis, both from District 3’s maintenance force, were honored as ITD Maintenance and Safety Persons of the Year Thursday in a service awards ceremony at Headquarters.

Dansereau, who wore the hats of foreman for both the Special Crew and Boise Maintenance crews for half of 2010, started with ITD in November of 2000 after spending four years as an hourly employee.

In his award nomination form, Dansereau is referred to as the “go-to guy for maintenance projects outside of the routine activities of a district” because of his experience at ITD and as a contractor before that.

“Dave readily volunteers for the most difficult projects” notes the award form. He often volunteers to try new methods or equipment, and is well-respected by partners such as the Idaho State Police, State Communications, other ITD maintenance foremen, and outside vendors and contractors.

Davis, the Banks Maintenance foreman, has been with the department since 1981.

“It is obvious that Dan recognizes when change is needed and is not hesitant to take the initiative to improve the safety environment,” his award form said. Among those improvements were significant safety initiatives in the areas of accident reduction, plow truck safety, chemical and salt applications, and many others.

"Dan is adamant that his personnel are trained to operate all equipment in a safe manner,” the form said. Davis remains in compliance with Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices as well, which not only protects his crew members but also the traveling public.

“Dan’s leadership to provide a safe environment for ITD employees and the public is greatly appreciated by District employees, the traveling public, cities, counties and other agencies,” according to the award form.

Published 3-18-2011