ITD, law enforcement agencies launch campaign against speeding

Excessive speed causes too many motor vehicle crashes that result in serious injuries or deaths, so ITD is partnering with Idaho law enforcement agencies in a campaign to "Stop Speeding Before it Stops You."
The aggressive driving education and enforcement campaign began Thursday (April 7) and continues through April 18. Law enforcement agencies statewide will step up patrols to catch speeders on Idaho roads.
Speeding is an aggressive driving behavior that is consistently a contributing factor in more than one third of all fatal crashes across the state, according to ITD highway safety statistics. One-fifth of all serious injuries are a result of speed-related crashes.
"We want motorists to know that doing simple things like obeying traffic signs, waiting for other drivers, or just slowing down can save your life and the lives of others," said Cecilia Awusie, with ITD's Office of Highway Safety. 
Safety messages will be featured throughout the campaign on billboards, radio and television. A high-visibility enforcement effort also will be important to this spring's safety effort.
"Even one life lost to speeding is one too many," said Awusie. "We want all family members to make it home safely at the end of their day."
The education and enforcement campaign is funded by a federal grant administered by ITD. The campaign is part of the department's commitment to achieving a goal of zero deaths on Idaho's highways.

Published 4-8-2011