BC travelers find rest at Blacks Creek Rest Area

Jack and Alice Hodge from British Columbia, Canada, stopped by the Blacks Creek eastbound rest area on March 3. They were headed to Yuma, Ariz., on their annual trip from Okanagan Falls in southern B.C., traveling on I-84 to Twin Falls and head south on U.S. 93.

“We have traveled this basic route for 10 years with our RV and without,” said Mrs. Hodge.

They had complimentary things to say about the Blacks Creek facility and cleaning staff.

“We have our regular favorite stops, so the year this rest area was closed for renovations (2007) we felt lost. When it was reopened, we were impressed on what an attractive facility it was, with the lobby showcasing local fauna and information, as well as providing restrooms. The Blacks Creek rest area on our eastbound journey is perfect for lunch while in the RV.

“The facility was spotless. It is not easy dealing with the public, who sometimes do not treat public areas with respect. This is a sad reflection on our habits.

“Our compliments on your excellent rest stops. We continue to praise your facilities to our friends. Compared to those of many states and provinces, Idaho comes in first. Keep up the good work."

Last week, the Hodges were also complimentary about their return trip.

“Once again, we enjoyed traveling through your beautiful state on our way home to BC,” said Alice Hodge. “We decided we had enough freeway travel and took highways 55 and 93 from Boise to Lewiston.”

We passed through Riggins, and spring had already arrived there - trees in bloom and daffodils. We couldn't resist and made it an overnight stop. We are looking forward to returning to this area when the weather is warmer and make a circle trip through Salmon.”

Published 4-15-2011