D-3 maintenance crews honored
for help controlling 'weed'

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) U.S. Forest Service early this month formally commended District 3 for its assistance in cleaning up and disposing of illegal marijuana-growing operations.
The letter of commendation specifically referred to the dramatic increase in the number of pot-growing sites in southwest Idaho the last few years, and the amount of resources needed to aid the Forest Service in the clean up of those areas after the criminal investigations are completed.
Although four district employees (District Maintenance Manager Dan Bryant, Special Crew foreman Dave Dansereau, Banks foreman Dan Davis and Idaho City foreman Rob Blout) were singled out for praise, District Engineer Dave Jones said “for years D-3 maintenance has been helping law enforcement in that regard.” 
Jeanette Walker, Special Agent with the USDA, said “it has been a pleasure working with your employees. I look forward to a continued working relationship.” 

Published 4-8-2011