Discover Idaho GEMS during annual exercise challenge

Sign up for this year’s ITD exercise challenge and discover Idaho’s Great Exercise Motivating Sites or GEMS. The 2011 exercise challenge introduces or reminds you of the many wonderful places in Idaho that are great for exercise. Now is the time to put exercise into your regular routine or to take your usual workout to new locations.

As you enter your exercise time on the log sheet, you vicariously travel to these Idaho GEM Sites. Better yet, get out there and experience these great locations or find some of your own. Take scenic photos along the way and send us your additions for Idaho GEMS. All submissions will be entered in a drawing for a cool raffle prize and compiled as a resource.

Exercise combined with good nutrition and regular checkups produce positive effects. Employees can benefit from improved health, reduced stress, and the financial benefit of a healthy lifestyle. The department can benefit from energized employees and decreased effects of diabetes, obesity and other preventable diseases.

How does the challenge work? Your goal is to exercise at least an average of three hours per week. Whether you are already active or just getting started, this event provides motivation to improve your level of fitness. So everyone can benefit, progress is based on time spent exercising, rather than degree of difficulty.

Who may participate?
All ITD employees. There are many exercise activities that count, plus incentives and competitions to motivate you. Reach the goal of at least 30 exercise hours during the 10-week challenge and you will earn a custom imprinted incentive. On the form linked below, mark your selection from the following incentive choices: fleece pullover, fleece blanket, or backpack.

Log sheets are turned in every two weeks, and if turned in on time, every time for all 5 times the log sheets are due, you earn another small incentive and a chance to win a raffle prize.

For more details and a registration form see the linked exercise challenge flyer.

Published 4-29-2011