ITD employees encouraged to join alternative commute program

It’s that time of the year again ... when alternative transportation options are jump-started every spring with the May in Motion promotion.
For those unfamiliar with the event, May in Motion is a month-long promotion designed to educate valley residents about transportation issues and encourage them to use transportation alternatives. 

It is conducted in partnership with Ada County Highway District (ACHD), Commuteride and Valley Regional Transit. Last year’s promotion was a resounding success for everyone involved with the participation level doubling from 2007. In 2009, 66 companies participated with more than 60,000 trips saved.
Sadly we didn’t receive free bus passes this year.
A 2011 participation tracking sheet is available is available for downloading here.  Please use it to keep track of your individual commutes each workday. Please join us this year – get your green on and make a difference in our community.

Published 5-6-2011