Workshops, information available to help retirement planning

PERSI offers three workshops to help you understand your PERSI benefits. “Planning for the Beach” and “Cruisin’ to the Beach” are offered occasionally at Headquarters and the district offices.

Planning for the Beach
This free 1.5-hour workshop focuses on beginning the planning process required to achieve a comfortable retirement … something that escapes nearly 87 percent of Americans, according to a Harvard study.

The workshop covers in detail the basics of your PERSI Base and Choice Plans to get the maximum benefit from each. Sections are devoted to developing good financial discipline to avoid common pitfalls that frequently derail the retirement planning process, such as living beyond our means, improper use of credit cards, debt and poor planning.

You are provided with tools to effectively address each of those situations; information also will be provided on the principles of the Time-Value of Money, Dollar Cost Averaging and Asset Allocation.

Please register using the Planning for the Beach schedule.

Topics covered

  • PERSI Base Plan
  • Snap Shot
  • Credit Card Basics & Debt Elimination
  • Rip's & Sandy's Stories
  • Calculating Present & Future Needs
  • Time Value of Money/Dollar Cost Averaging
  • Asset Allocation
  • PERSI Choice Plan Discussion

Cruisin’ to the Beach
During this free 1.5-hour workshop you will review the basics of Choice Plans, but focus on more advanced financial planning techniques, helping PERSI members to fine-tune the skills needed to stay on target to reach a more comfortable retirement.

The appropriate use of tax and income deferral instruments as well as asset allocation will be covered. The tools needed to make effective choices on your own will be discussed in detail:

Please register using the Cruisin' to the Beach schedule.

Topics covered

  • Getting Started
  • Investment Vehicle Choices & Comparisons
    — 401 (k)
    — 457
    — 403 (b)
    — Traditional & Roth IRAs
  • Financial Basics
    — Evaluating Fund costs vs. Historical Fund returns
    — Discuss: Indexes, Growth, Value, Small Cap, Large Cap, International, etc.
  • Asset Allocation — 'Hands-on' exercise
  • Resources

Retirements a Beach

Conducted off-site, major cities

This workshop is intended to help anyone within 10 years of retirement from a PERSI employer. This is a hands-on workshop where you'll be shown how to combine your PERSI Base and Choice Plan benefits with Social Security and other income sources for a rewarding retirement.

We explore the PERSI Base Plan again with a specific emphasis on the retirement estimate, early retirement factors and the annuity options available to participants. We also discuss Social Security, the benefits available, self-auditing one's record and understanding earnings thresholds that may impact income.

Medicare and other health care options are explored in great detail as are tax implications of retirement income, the need for insurance, long-term care, wills, trusts vs. healthcare proxies and powers of attorney.

To register: look at the 2011 Schedule for the RAB Workshops to identify a date and location that works best for you, then click on your selection to register online. Immediate confirmation of your registration and a reminder 10 days prior to you chosen date will be e-mailed to you automatically. If you experience difficulty using the system, please call 800-451-8228 and ask for help with the RAB registration.

Topics covered

  • PERSI Base Plan with Retirement Options
  • Financial Planning & Retirement
  • Social Security & Tax Implications
  • Healthcare & Medicare Costs
  • Ready or Not … Here We Go :  Sitemap ::  Members ::  Retirees ::  Employers

Nationwide Retirement Solutions

Retirement investments
Your Nationwide Insurance representative can meet with you one-on-one or talk to you over the phone. On occasion, your representative will offer for special presentations at Headquarters and the district offices.
Nationwide representatives can answer your questions and help you with:

  • Identifying your retirement goals
  • Enrolling in the retirement plans
  • Determining your contribution level
  • Determining your investor profile
  • Keeping track of your plan over time

Here is a link to the Nationwide information page, if you need to talk to your representative.

Retirement income analysis
This is a new benefit that Nationwide offers. Mitch Williams helps you to determine if you can live the life you plan on after you retire.

Published 4-29-2011