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Board approves salary increase package for ITD employees
The Idaho Transportation Board, acknowledging the value it places on department employees throughout the state, last week approved a plan to increase its investment in salaries by more than $1.8 million in June.


Transportation Board views District 2 between raindrops
Rain, sleet, and snow didn’t dampen the Transportation Board’s tour of District 2 on April 15. Adjustments were made to the tour in an effort to keep the group dry at various stops along the way.


Information meetings begin with large turnouts
Idaho employees turned out en masse this week at the first informational meetings about changes in employee health insurance plans. Representatives of the state’s new plan provider (Blue Cross) and the state Department of Administration welcomed capacity crowds in Boise Monday.

Online forms will make enrollment easier, more accurate
The Group Insurance Office of the Department of Administration announced this week that Blue Cross will have an online form available to help state employees complete the new enrollment process.

Fitness program will land participants in 'Olympics'
So you’ve never pictured yourself as an Olympic athlete. Your high jump is a short leap, a long distance run is more like a slow walk to the mailbox and weightlifting describes your effort to get out of bed in the morning. Quit watching others exert energy on television and start exerting your own.

Reward offered for efficiency-producing ideas
The state of Idaho wants employees in the trenches to provide input about making state government – programs and processes – more efficient, and ultimately save both financial and human resources. Legislators last year created an incentive program that will reward employees for innovative ways of achieving those efficiencies.

Idaho receives funds to battle drunk driving
Idaho will receive about $208,000 in federal funds to help combat drunk driving. A total of $22 million is being awarded among the states, U.S. Transportation Secretary Norman Y. Mineta announced earlier this week.

AAMVA Star Search shines on Callie Wrigley
Callie Wrigley’s efforts to expedite and simplify a records process won’t land her a lucrative recording contract or acting role. But it will provide regional peer recognition through a "Star Search" program.

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