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Southwest Idaho highway construction report for Sept. 21-28

BOISE - The following projects in southwest Idaho are now under way.

BOISE - Idaho 16 Extension

Work is under way for the first phase of the extension of Idaho 16, which will be complete in August 2014.

Crews will connect State Street to Chinden Boulevard, including a new bridge over the Boise River.

The contractor is driving pile and placing concrete for the pier columns. On the south side, excess irrigation water is softening the soil, causing delay. Once irrigation season is complete, things will move more quickly. Crews have built an access road and portions of irrigation crossings, and a cul-de-sac for the hydraulic mitigation-area maintenance- vehicle turnaround.

Concrete Placing Co. Inc., of Boise, is the contractor on this $19.4 million project.

BOISE - Idaho 16, Phyllis Canal Bridge and South Segment

This project extends Idaho 16 from U.S. 20/26 (at McDermott Road) to Joplin Road, where it ties in to the new Idaho 16 Boise River Bridge project.

The 14-day waiting period required by the EPA before any ground-disturbing activities could take place has been satisfied, so crews have begun demolition of one of the two properties to be torn down during this project. These are two houses (already abandoned and cleared) that are in the way of the new alignment. One is on Joplin Road and the other is on Idaho 16, about one-quarter mile north of the Idaho 16/44 intersection.

Almost all work will be restricted to daylight hours, with the exception of activities like hauling bridge girders. 

The overall completion date is in August 2014.

Concrete Placing Co Inc., of Boise, is the contractor on this $10.8 million project.

BOISE – Connector resurfacing

A preventative maintenance project is wrapping up on the Connector (I-184) in Boise. Work is expected to finish by late September or early October.

For about five miles, from the Flying Wye to 13th Street, crews are re-sealing joints and grinding off the concrete surface to increase skid resistance.

Crews will adhere to a 10 p.m.-to-5 a.m. schedule, working overnight in order to minimize traffic interference. Work will not be allowed on the nights of Boise State University home football games.

On Monday night (Sept. 17), the contractor completely finished the grinding portion of the project. The joint-sealing crew started working on the inbound (eastbound) direction Monday night and will complete that work sometime next week. Once that’s finished, only striping remains. 

The speed limit will be reduced to 45 mph in the construction zone. 

Penhall Corporation, of Anaheim, Calif., is the contractor on this $919,000 project.

MERIDIAN - Eagle Road resurfacing and medians

Work has been under way since early June on this project, which is resurfacing Idaho 55 from Fairview Avenue in Meridian to State Street in Eagle, and installing raised medians from Franklin to Oakhampton Drive, one-half mile north of Chinden Boulevard.

For the next few months, crews are working to reconstruct the intersection of Eagle Road and Chinden Boulevard.

The northeast corner right-turn lane on Eagle Road and Chinden Boulevard closed Sept. 19. When construction is complete, free-running right turns at the northeast and southeast corners of this intersection will be eliminated and raised medians will be added on Chinden Boulevard (east of the intersection) and Eagle Road (south of the intersection). The southeast corner right-turn lane will be closed later this month.

The elimination of free-running rights is a safety measure. Over the past five years there have been 185 crashes at the intersection of Eagle and Chinden. Free-running rights were eliminated at the intersection of Eagle and Fairview in July.

Construction at the intersection of Eagle Road and Chinden Boulevard will also include utility work and repaving the roadway.

Idaho Sand & Gravel Co., of Nampa, is the contractor on this $4.7 million project.

Repair of seven bridge decks in Ada and Elmore counties

The repair and resurfacing of bridge decks on seven bridges from Boise through Mountain Home and to the east is nearing completion.

The contractor has completing all work on the Canyon Creek overpass at milepost 92, 18th Street overpass at milepost 94, Hwy 95 Interchange at U.S. 20, the Oregon Trail Interchange at milepost 99, and Hammett Interchange at milepost 112.

The Mayfield Interchange bridge at milepost 71 on I-84 will be shimmed up, (approximately three-quarters inch) for up to a week to allow repair work on the substructure.

This structure will require some nighttime bridge closures for jacking the superstructure up to replace bearing pads and repairs to pier caps and girders, followed later with traffic reduced to a single lane and temporary signals to resurface the deck and replace joints.

Crews are also doing one of the bridge rehabilitation projects for ITD’s Caldwell office, and the hydro-demolition equipment needed has been used at various other locations statewide, so current scheduling shows an expected completion date of mid-November.

Timing of temporary traffic signals has been adjusted to accommodate traffic flows. Drivers can expect delays of approximately 2-3 minutes. Traffic will be under the control of the temporary signals until the work on the bridge deck is complete in early October.

I-84 traffic will have a speed reduction to 65 mph and 16-foot width restrictions only while lane closures are in affect.

Concrete Placing Co. Inc., of Boise, is the apparent low bidder on the $1.72 million repairs.

U.S. 95 resurfacing Smokey Boulder – Hazard Creek

A five-and-a half-mile (milepost 171-176.5) pavement rehabilitation project on a stretch of U.S. 95 that wanders through Adams and Idaho counties as it heads north is under way.

One open lane will be maintained from Smokey Boulder Road to Hazard Creek during the two-month-long project. Flaggers and traffic cones will be used to guide motorists.

Paving began Monday (Sept. 17) and is expected to continue, with a pilot car guiding traffic, over the next week.

Valley Paving & Asphalt Inc., of Cottonwood, Idaho, is the contractor on this $1.8 million project.

BANKS – Resurfacing

A 10.4-mile resurfacing project on Idaho 55 north of Banks from milepost 80.6 to the Boise National Forest boundary (milepost 91) is wrapping up.

Seeding is slated for the last week of September.

Valley Paving & Asphalt Inc., of Cottonwood, Idaho, is the contractor on this $2.15 million project.

Idaho 21 resurfacing to Lowman

A resurfacing project covering 20.4 miles of Idaho 21 in Boise County gets under way Monday (Aug. 6) and will finish by early fall 2013.

The project runs from Mores Creek Summit to Clear Creek Bridge below Lowman, adding a Stress-Absorbing Fiberglass Layer with Emulsified Asphalt (SAFLEA) on two adjoining sections of Idaho 21 (milepost 52.3 to 60 and 60 to 72.7), conducting slope stabilization, and upgrading guardrail at existing locations.

A SAFLEA treatment is a seal coat with a coating of chopped glass fibers between the oil and gravel aggregates to enhance durability and reduce cracking.

One lane of travel will remain open, with flaggers and pilot cars helping to guide traffic. Crews will work a 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule Monday-Thursday and will work half days on Fridays.  No work is allowed on the weekends.

Crews are working on replacing rusted pipes and constructing retaining walls.

Knife River Corp, of Boise, is the contractor on this $3.9 million project.

I-84 bridge repairs

A project rehabilitating three bridge decks in the Caldwell area at Centennial Way, Exit 27 and the Boise River crossing, and the bridge deck at Exit 13 at Black Canyon, is under way.

Some ramps and lanes will be closed during the work. Crews will cone off the affected areas.

I-84, Exit 13, Black Canyon Road
•    Paving started Wednesday (Sept. 19)
•    Work this week and next will be installing guardrail and paving curb.
•    The interchange is still on one-way, one-lane travel, controlled with portable traffic-control signals.

I-84, Exit 27, Boise River Bridges
•    The parts for the finger joints on the ramps were received and are ready for assembly.
•    The work on the ramps could happen by next week.
•    When the finger joints are installed, the ramps will need to be closed.
•    Until that time, this interchange is open to normal traffic patterns.  

Concrete Placing Co. Inc., of Boise, is the contractor on this $1.42 million project, which is expected to finish by late October.

Paving, repair work slated to begin soon on Idaho 78

A project to resurface and repair soft spots on Idaho 78 is expected to begin next week and last through early November. A test strip of asphalt was being paved Thursday (Sept. 20) to ensure quality standards. The project will begin following successful completion of the testing.

Work will begin with milling existing surfaces at each end of the project and adjoining roads. Then, paving will commence westbound from Grand View (milepost 60) heading west eight miles to near the Envirosafe entrance. Work will also take place on Idaho 78 from the junction with Idaho 51 to Hammett (mileposts 83-99).

Paving operations will alternate daily from the westbound to the eastbound lane. When work leaves an abrupt edge down the center of the roadway overnight, the work area will be posted as “No Passing” with an overnight posted speed of 45 mph. Typically, paving the next day will be in the adjacent lane, leaving no abrupt edge in the center of the roadway and no restrictions posted overnight.

During actual paving, traffic will be controlled by flaggers and will be escorted through the work area by a pilot car.

Crews are expected to work weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Weekend and nighttime work is not anticipated but is not prohibited if it becomes necessary to finish the project on time.

Central Paving Co., of Boise, is the contractor on this $2.6 million project.

CASCADE – Bridge and Roadwork

A replacement of the North Fork Payette River Bridge in downtown Cascade is now under way, with two miles of pavement resurfacing on Idaho 55 in town wrapping up. The roadwork is expected to finish soon, while the bridge work will extend into summer 2013.

ROADWORK: This work is not yet completely done. Signs still need to be installed and there are punch-list items to finish. The signs are on backorder for about three more weeks.

No work will be done until backordered sign posts arrive.

C & A Paving, of Boise, is the contractor on this $1.86 million project.

BRIDGE WORK: This one-year project will begin that will eventually replace the old (built in 1933), narrow, width-restricted bridge with one more than twice as wide.

The existing bridge is 24 feet wide, and will be replaced with a 60-foot wide, 393-foot long, three-span bridge. The new bridge will have two 12-foot lanes, two 11-foot shoulders and a 14-foot median.

In addition, a paved extension will be constructed to the dirt shared-use path under the bridge on the north side of the river that provides access from both sides of the bridge to the new riverside park.

In the first stage, two-thirds of the new bridge will be built to the west of the existing structure. Traffic will be maintained on the existing bridge through this first stage of bridge work, and then will be routed to the new section of bridge for the remaining work as the old bridge is demolished. There will be traffic interruptions while the new roadway section leading to the new bridge is built.

A 12-foot width is in effect.

The contractor continues work on phase 1 at abutment 2. Piles are in place and crews are working on forming and setting rebar. Roadwork continues south of the bridge. New water and sewer pipes are installed under the river, and the contractor will start work on tying the new in with the old. Traffic control is minimal, with flaggers being utilized intermittently.

Flaggers will be used if lane restrictions are required. From Monday through Thursday, work that limits drivers to one lane in each direction is only allowed between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Two lanes will be maintained between noon Friday and noon Monday. A river safety and navigation plan will be in place for recreationists that use this section of the river.

Wadsworth Brothers Construction Co. Inc., of Draper, Utah, is the contractor on this $4.83 million project.


Highway construction is one of the key forces pushing Idaho toward continued economic vitality by creating jobs, improving safety and reducing traffic congestion.