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Idaho Driver's Manual - Audio Version

Listen to an audio version of the 2004 Driver's Manual while following along with a text version to view important diagrams and examples.

A hardcopy of the CURRENT manual is available at your local County Driver Licensing office

Suggestion: For some browser configurations, it may be best to first open the Audio file and then the Text .pdf file.
Below are some of the changes made to the manual since 2004:
  • There is now a single Driver Training Instruction Permit issued for $15.00.
  • The supervised driving time under the Graduated Driver Licensing for anyone under 17 has changed from four (4) months to six (6) months.
  • Lists of the Primary and Secondary documents required for proof of Idaho residency or age and identity have changed.
  • A list of acceptable Legal-Presence documents has been added.
  • More information about road signs, traffic signals, and pavement markings has been added.
  • Instructions for use of roundabouts have been added.
  • Recommendations for sharing the road and adjusting to driving conditions have been updated.
Differences between the 2004 manual and the current manual do not affect any of the questions on the written test.  A new audio version is being developed.
2004 Text
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Introduction &Table of Contents  

Chapter 1 - Licensing Information Listen (9.7 mb)
Listen (14.7 mb)
Listen ( 9.5 mb)
Chapter 2 - Traffic Laws Listen (6.2 mb)
Listen (9.3 mb)
Listen ( 6.0 mb)
Chapter 3 - Signs, Signals, and Pavement Markings Listen (3.2 mb)
Listen (4.9 mb)
Listen ( 3.1 mb)
Chapter 4 - The Driving Task Listen (6.8 mb)
Listen (10.3 mb)
Listen ( 6.6 mb)
Chapter 5 - Sharing the Road Listen (2.8 mb)
Listen (4.3 mb)
Listen (2.8 mb)
Chapter 6 - Adjusting to Driving Conditions Listen (2.5 mb)
Listen (3.8 mb)
Listen ( 2.4 mb)
Chapter 7 - Freeway Driving Listen (1.5 mb)
Listen (2.3 mb)
Listen ( 1.5 mb)
Chapter 8 - How to Protect Your Driving Privileges Listen (5.3 mb)
Listen (8.0 mb)
Listen ( 5.2 mb)
Chapter 9 - Vehicle Equipment and Safety Listen (2.1 mb)
Listen (3.2 mb)
Listen ( 2.1 mb)
Chapter 10 - Vehicle Title and Registration Listen (4.2 mb)
Listen (6.3 mb)
Listen ( 4.1 mb)

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