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Salary increase bill awaits governor's signature
The drought soon will be over… the one that has left Idaho state employees without a salary increase for more than two years. ITD employees will be among the approximately 24,000 state of Idaho workers celebrating a permanent 2 percent merit-based increase, effective June 6.

Seat belt summit planned Wednesday in Boise
The “Idaho Click It, Don’t Risk It!” Seat Belt Summit March 17 will bring together safety professionals from around the state to discuss preventing fatalities in traffic crashes through proper use of seat belts and booster seats. Automobile collisions are the state’s leading cause of accidental death.

Audio, video stream congests information highway
Idaho’s interstates and major highways aren’t the only avenues that have become crowded lately. Congestion on the Idaho Transportation Department’s information highway also is becoming more congested – to the point that users are experiencing reduced access time at work.

Employees worldwide use work time and employer resources to surf the web.

Growth in Idaho truck traffic among nation's highest
Large truck travel in Idaho is projected to increase by 74 percent by the year 2020, the fourth highest rise in the country, according to a recent study conducted by The Road Information Project (TRIP).

ITD recycles nearly 145 pounds of cans for school drive
Drinking soda pop at ITD's Headquarters is benefiting hospitalized children and their families who rely on housing at Boise's Ronald McDonald House. A can drive initiated by Lowell Elementary School students generated nearly 30 bags and approximately 145 pounds of recycled cans from Headquarters the past year.

Press women sponsor photo contest
Do you have a great photo taken at a family reunion or vacation trip? Or maybe a picture snapped at a sporting activity or as part of the job? Enter it in this year’s Idaho Press Women photo contest for amateur and professional photographers, whether members of the IPW or not.


Flight isn't what is used to be (opinion)
The long-awaited arrival of Orville and Wilbur Wright should be just moments away. The gathering throng has no idea, however, that the ambitious brothers had run into unexpected turbulence. No one noticed under the bluff a black sign flashing, in florescent green letters, “Flight Delayed.”

Bottom Line
Employee service awards to be presented March 23
• DOROLCO to sponsor inaugural spring arts & crafts sale
Course offered on CPR/AED

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