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Open enrollment period reaches midpoint
The open enrollment process for the state of Idaho’s new health insurance plan has reached the midpoint and appears to relatively problem-free.

'Click-it, Don't Risk It!' campaign begins next week
The Idaho Office of Highway Safety’s (OHS) next week will launch a “Click It, Don’t Risk It!” campaign to increase safety belt use. The campaign features a crash survivor to help emphasize the message that seat belts save lives.

Message drives home importance of clicking seat belts
Darlene Root can attest to the fact that seat belts save lives. Hers is one that was saved. Root will share her story through radio and television ads as part of a May “Click It, Don’t Risk It!” campaign designed to convince more Idahoans to buckle up.

Study suggests project had little if any impact on Mica Bay
Sediment from the construction of U.S. 95 from Bellgrove to Mica Creek in 2001-02 impacted Mica Creek, the South Fork of Mica Creek and fisheries, according to the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (IDEQ).

Try using your legs to get to work during National Bike Week
For just one week, consider this: leave the car parked at home and travel to work using good, old-fashioned muscle power. Bike to Work Week is May 17-21, and Bike to Work Day is Friday, May 21.

'Motion' month emphasizes alternative transportation
Commuters and shoppers can wave at the collection box today as they pass by and take a seat on ValleyRide buses. They can take advantage of Free Fare Fridays every Friday this month as part of a promotion for alternative transportation.

New online resource developed for truckers
A new truck lane on the information highway will enable commercial truck drivers easy access to special services provided by the Idaho Transportation Department...

PERSI to phase in rate increase
State employees who participate in the Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho (PERSI) will contribute slightly more to the account beginning July 1. The rate for general member employees will increase by .37 percent, or from 5.86 percent of their gross salary to 6.23 percent.

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