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Idaho Transportation Department

Idaho Transportation Department


2017 Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) Disparity Study









Welcome to the 2017 ITD Disparity Study web page. This page provides information about:

Please make use of the informational links that can be found at the bottom of this page.


Background. ITD has retained BBC Research & Consulting (BBC) to conduct a disparity study that will provide information to help ITD refine future implementations of the federal Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program. The study includes analyses of the participation of minority-and woman-owned businesses in prime contracts and subcontracts that ITD awarded during the study period (October 1, 2011 through September 30, 2015).

The study kicked off in July 2016 and is expected to be complete by January, 2017. For details about the study schedule, visit the Project Schedule page.


Purpose of the study. The 2017 ITD Disparity Study will include a comprehensive analysis of:


Study Progress

ITD will provide regular updates about recently completed milestones and next steps throughout the course of the disparity study. Please check back periodically for those updates.


Recent Milestones


Project initiation. ITD and the BBC study team initiated the 2017 ITD Disparity Study in July 2016 with a meeting in Boise. The study team met with representatives from ITD to introduce the study and to answer questions. For materials that the study team presented during the project initiation meeting, visit the Library page.


Utilization data collection. BBC began working with ITD in late July 2016 to collect data on contracts and agreements that were awarded during the study period and on vendors that participated in those contracts.


Public meetings. ITD and BBC will conduct three public meetings throughout the state in August 2016. For more information on dates, times, and locations for the public meetings, visit the Events page.


Next Steps

Continue utilization data collection. The BBC study team will continue to work with ITD to collect data on transportation-related construction and professional services contracts that ITD awarded during the study period.


Begin utilization data analysis. The study team will begin analyzing utilization data in August 2016. BBC's analysis will examine the percentage of total transportation-related construction and professional services contract dollars that minority- and woman-owned businesses received on prime contracts and subcontracts during the study period.


Availability surveys. BBC will begin conducting availability surveys in August 2016. The study team will attempt to contact all businesses in the “relevant geographic market area” that perform work that is relevant to ITD's transportation-related construction and professional services contracts. The study team will collect information that is relevant to determining each business' availability for the ITD's work, such as primary line of work; geographic scope of services; and qualifications

and interest in working for ITD and other government entities. The surveys will also collect information about business characteristics such as revenue, size, and race/ethnicity, and gender of ownership.


In-depth interviews. The study team will begin conducting in-depth interviews with 25 business owners and trade association representatives throughout the local marketplace in September 2016. The project team will interview a mix of businesses that have participated in ITD contracting in the past and businesses available for ITD contracts that may not have been successful in obtaining that work.


The interviews will be conducted with certified and non-certified minority- and woman-owned businesses as well as with non-Hispanic white male-owned businesses.