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January 15, 2010

Direct from the Director

Some state agencies are balancing their budgets by requiring employees to take unpaid leave or furloughs. Employees are asking: “Is ITD planning on employee furloughs as well?” No mandatory employee furloughs have been required for ITD employees at this time and none are planned.

However, in these uncertain economic times, there are no absolutes.


A rainbow framed two highway construction cranes following a storm in Meridian last week. This photo, taken at ITD's Ten Mile Interchange project, was provided by Rene Becar who lives near the construction site.

Governor discusses difficult budget challenge

Delivering his fourth State of the State address to a joint session of the Idaho Legislature this week, Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter proposed a “responsibly conservative” budget and urged lawmakers to join him in making it “among the shortest, most congenial, most collaborative and most productive legislative sessions in our history.” Gov. Otter said that could be accomplished by sticking to Idaho’s core values and five fundamental principles...


Transportation remains key to recovery;
ITD presents to transportation committees

Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter welcomed Legislators back to the refurbished Capitol and the opening of the decade’s first legislative session Monday. But his combined State of the State and budget address also included a monumental challenge. Gov. Otter emphasized the need to cut an additional $40 million from state spending before the end of this fiscal year and the need to carry that austere approach into the next fiscal year – without raising taxes.

Report planned on prospects of another federal stimulus bill
The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed a new stimulus bill that would provide additional funds for transportation projects – if it gains Senate approval and the President’s signature. The Senate is expected to consider the legislation soon. ITD staff will present a report and possible options to the Idaho Transportation Bard when it assembles for the first monthly business meeting of the year Thursday in Boise.

Harker, Anderson remind employees of computer policy
Early this month, Mary Harker (HR manager) and Forrest Anderson (Cyber Security Office) visited with District 3 supervisors and employees about Internet and e-mail usage at ITD. The central point was adherence to policy - as defined by management, ITRMC (Information Technology Resource Management Council) and the Idaho Governor’s directive – that reinforced using computers, Internet and e-mail appropriately.

New scams draw on Haiti benevolence

We have received the following information from The Office of the CIO. Most people are aware that the internet is rife with scams and fake information, when they are preparing to donate to a charity after a disaster or emergency, they often aren't thinking about the criminals who are poised to take their money.

Tips offered on surviving temporarily without heat
From Ada City–County Emergency Management
The winter nights are long and can be very cold. Are you prepared to face them without your home’s modern amenities? The below zero temperatures experienced late last year serve as a reminder that preparedness is not just for major disasters. What would you have done if your utilities had failed during one of those sub-zero nights?


Public Transportation
Ridesharein Idaho continues to grow
In May 2008, ITD purchased the statewide license for Rideshare, a free online ride-matching service. The program allows individuals to register their commute information and search for other people to share their commute via car or vanpool. Rideshare also offers a matching service for people who wish to share the ride to listed sporting events, concerts, exhibits and tourist areas.

Published previously

January 8, 2010

Direct from the Director

I am excited about the opportunity to lead the Idaho Transportation Department – a department that accomplishes great things. I come to you from Michigan where I have 30 years of experience in the transportation field. I have been employed in district offices and headquarters, with experience in multiple transportation modes. Being involved in development, construction, maintenance, operations and numerous administrative functions, it is likely I have at one time or another during my career touched an area that you work in.


GARVEE bonding request trimmed by $19 million
The Idaho Transportation Board Wednesday (Jan. 6) revised its recommendation for bonding authority next year to finance expansion of the state's highways from $45 million to $26 million because of savings in the program. The bond request is part of the GARVEE Transportation Program approved by the Idaho Legislature.



Thanks for helping drive down traffic fatalities
ITD’s commitment to safe travel on our highways is producing tangible results. Your efforts, and those of our many highway safety partners, have played a part in helping to reduce serious crashes. Even more important, you’re doing a great job in helping to save lives



Signs remind motorists of wildlife danger

Idaho's first wildlife/vehicle collision "tally signs" were installed along Idaho 21 between Lucky Peak Reservoir and Robie Creek at mileposts 10 and 21 this week to encourage motorists to slow down and attempt to avoid vehicle/wildlife collisions.
The tally signs - featuring the message "Give Deer & Elk a Brake" - will be updated regularly to inform the public about the number of known vehicle-wildlife collisions

Sheep take advantage of unoccupied bridge
Bridges are versatile. They carry a variety of loads – cars, commercial trucks, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians. And sheep. Even before it has been cleared to accommodate vehicles, the new bridge over the Snake River at Weiser was pressed into service this week.


Sign vandalism brings inherent dangers
A potentially dangerous pastime is increasing along state highways the past several months with numerous highway signs being vandalized by paintballs throughout south-central Idaho. The paintball stains are not only costly to tax payers – who will pay the bill to replace thousands of dollars worth of signs in the area – but has the potential to create hazardous results


Transportation excellence
Nominations accepted for annual awards
The 2010 Excellence in Transportation Awards program is accepting applications for honors in three personnel categories and four project categories. Applications must be submitted by 4 p.m. March 24.
Three awards will be given in the personnel category: ITD Engineer of the Year, ITD Professional of the Year and ITD Career Achievement. Project awards include: construction, environmental stewardship, maintenance and operations, public participation and transportation planning.

Idahy / ICON
Credit union name change reflects continued evolution
It was 1952. Harry S. Truman was President of the United States. The transistor radio, polio vaccine and the “pill” were introduced. Bread cost 16 cents.
And seven employees of the Idaho Department of Highways pooled their resources (a total of $35) to form a credit union primarily for employees in Idaho’s transportation sector. Idahy was born.

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Young letter-writer challenges
eco-friendliness of electric cars

Note: The following is a guest opinion printed in the Idaho Press Tribune. Writer Tyler Kent is the 12-year-old son of Sharron Svir who works in Financial Services at Headquarters.

There is a lot of this recycling stuff going around in Idaho lately. People have been advertising how good it is to have an eco-friendly car that runs on electricity. People just think that it is good for the environment, when it really isn't.

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