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May 1, 2009

Urgency to move forward
Gov. C.L. 'Butch' Otter

Two and a half years ago I was honored to be elected your Governor. Since then I have traveled Idaho from corner to corner and met with many of you. You told me that our road system is not being adequately maintained and that something needs to be done. I listened, and made the issue a priority because it is a legitimate and proper role of state government.


Stimulus projects

Governor announces beginning of bid process
Idaho Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter today announced that eight shovel-ready highway projects - creating 2,800 jobs and injecting $148 million into Idaho's economy - will be advertised for bid in May and June. The projects are being funded through the federal economic stimulus program.


Swine Flu

CDC provides information about outbreak
The outbreak of disease in people caused by a new influenza virus of swine origin continues to grow in the U.S. and internationally. Today, CDC reports additional confirmed human infections, hospitalizations and the nation’s first fatality from this outbreak.

Employee appreciation

Headquarters plans variety of activities May 4-8
ITD will join other state agencies in a collective acknowledgment of their contributions and service during a weeklong celebration that begins Monday (May 4).  A variety of events are planned as part of State Employee Appreciation Week. Headquarters will observe the week through special presentations, opportunities for massages, contests and the annual exercise challenge walk. Some of ITD’s districts will plan employee activities later this year.


ITD encouraging state agencies to fill vacant seats
ITD’s Division of Aeronautics recently introduced a new State Aircraft Rideshare Program to help state agencies reduce travel costs by taking advantage of unused seats on state aircraft.  The new Web-based scheduling program allows state employees to check for flights, departure and arrival times and available seats.


Engineering education
ITD secures grant to enhance U of I summer program
ITD Human Resource Services Mary Harker and Michelle George secured a federal grant to assist the University of Idaho (U of I) in delivering an educational program for students interested in a transportation career. The $58,988 award from the Federal Highway Administration National Summer Transportation Institution Program will enable the university to improve its summer JEMS (Junior Engineering, Math and Science) program.

May In Motion
ITD participates in alternative commute promotion
ITD employees in the Treasure Valley can improve their fitness, save money, ease congestion, reduce air pollution, earn special recognition for the department – even get to know each other a little better – this month. May in Motion, a celebration of alternative transportation, is a promotion by the Ada County Highway District’s Commuteride program and a host of local sponsors.

Combo tribute
State senator remembers friend's contributions
Many legislators lost a good friend recently. Jack X. Combo of Idaho Falls passed away April 3 after an ongoing battle with cancer. When he retired from the U.S. Department of Energy, Combo went into private law practice in Idaho Falls with his son. That's when Senate Majority Leader Bart Davis, an Idaho Falls Republican, really got to know Combo. After learning of Combo's death, Davis eulogized him on the Senate floor.


Public transportation
Interagency Working Group to review IMAP plan Tuesday
The Interagency Working Group (IWG), a coalition of state agencies and organizations that provides guidance on public transportation issues, will review progress of Idaho's Mobility and Access Pathway (IMAP) plan and mobility initiatives Tuesday (May 5) in Boise.

2009 Roadeo

Equipment operators gear up for annual challenge

If you can play basketball with a front-end loader or thread the eye of a needle with a 10-wheel dump truck ITD has a place for you – the 2009 ITD Roadeo. The annual series tests the knowledge and driving skills of ITD employees in each district, leading to the state Roadeo finals and two berths in the national finale in Colorado.


ITD Mailbox
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News to Share

Promoting 'Kick the Habit'
Jan Strough, a Senior Right-of-Way Agent for Scenic Enhancement, has received a lot of telephone calls from friends who have seen her daughter's testimonial in a video to promote Idaho's smoking cessation program. Christina Nordberg (right) has appeared in a number of television video spots to proclaim April 4 as her Independence Day -- a break from the clutches of smoking. View the video.


Views to share

TOPIC: In these tough economic times it only makes sense to allow maintenance forces more latitude in maintaining the highway system. Every year as foreman we make difficult decisions on which projects are going to proper repairs and which are left to deteriorate more. Annually in District Four we receive about $500,000 for plant mix far below the level of what we need to maintain our systems each year...

RESPONSE: I agree with you completely. This is the same message the governor and ITD have been presenting to the public and the legislature for the past year – our system is deteriorating and the funding we have available is inadequate to preserve our system. As part of that presentation, we have emphasized that our priority is Operation, Preservation, Restoration and Expansion (OPRE) in that order...

Views to share

TOPIC:State employees have to take a cut in pay because the economy is so bad. Our medical insurance is going up, in spite of the fact that our wages are going down. Yet, there is an Employee Appreciation Week being planned. If there isn’t money to keep our wages where they currently are, how can they have money to pay for an Employee Appreciation Week?...

RESPONSE: In honor of National State Employee Appreciation Day on May 6,  ITD is kicking off State Employee Appreciation Week May 4-8 (Monday through Friday).  This is a statewide event for all state employees to participate in.  The goal of ITD’s events is to honor, recognize and appreciate all employees for their hard work, dedication, and contributions throughout the year...

Do you have a question related to ITD processes, policies or projects? Has something been puzzling you about why we do what we do? Share your questions using the e-mail link above and let us find the answers.

Published previously

Bottom Line report emphasizes investment in transportation

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
WASHINGTON, D.C. - By 2015, governments at all levels will need to more than double their spending on highways and bridges to keep up with increased traffic, freight congestion, the demands of aging highways and bridges, and the growth of the nation’s population. Transit spending would need to quadruple to serve increased ridership.

Key findings from AASHTO's Bottom Line report

Immediate hold placed on new hires
Effectively immediately, hiring of new certified or temporary employees is on hold. Any offers that have been made will be honored. Future offers that were not extended as of now are on hold and not authorized. Any active announcements or current recruitment advertisements that are publicly advertised may proceed up to the establishment of a register. Those registers will then likewise be on hold.

DMV receives federal grant for driver's license, ID security
The federal Department of Homeland Security recently notified ITD and the Division of Motor Vehicles of a grant award to make security enhancements to Idaho’s driver’s licenses and identification cards. ITD originally requested $755,000 for overt and covert security enhancements to licenses and identification cards.


Exercise challenge: Log a few miles Idaho's scenic byways
The road to improved fitness begins with a bike tour of Idaho.“In the spirit of the ‘Tour de France,’’ the 2009 exercise challenge will be a representational bike ride through Idaho’s scenic and historic byways in our own  ‘Tour de Byways,” explains Pauline Davis of ITD’s Wellness Committee.

Teen driving
Programs designed to save lives of teen drivers
A split-second decision can dramatically change a young driver’s life. The decision to buckle a seat belt, choose not to drink and drive, or look both ways before proceeding into traffic can be made in less than a second. The consequences of making the wrong decision in that instant can be life altering or fatal. That’s the message Idaho teenagers are learning by way of law enforcement outreach activities and a successful teen driving safety summit held recently in Idaho Falls.