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May 21, 2010

Direct from the Director

Becoming the best transportation agency in the country

ITD employees,
Earlier this year I introduced my vision for ITD – the direction we should go as a department and the steps we will need to take to get there. I would like to fill in some of the details that will enable us to move forward together.

In this Direct from the Director, I will elaborate on my first vision element:

ITD strives to continually get better with the goal of being the best transportation department in the country.


Rain proves to be toughest opponent at softball tournament
The only defeat ITD’s Road Rage team suffered at the State Employee Softball Tournament Saturday (May 22) came not from the opposition, but from the weather. Winner of its first two tournament games, Road Rage was on track for a title showdown until relentless rain/sleet forced postponement of the tournament. The Boise area received more than an inch of rain amid afternoon temperatures in the upper 30s.


National Transportation
The transportation networks of early America connected our rapidly growing Nation with natural waterways and dirt roads, making travel difficult and time-consuming. In the time since, undeveloped paths have given way to iron and concrete thoroughfares, and our modern transportation system has profoundly shaped our landscape, communities, commerce, and culture. During National Defense Transportation Day and National Transportation Week, we reaffirm the importance of an advanced transportation infrastructure to our Nation’s economy and security, and we thank the dedicated men and women who build and maintain it...

Barak Obama,


District 1 bids farewell, says welcome to foremen
It isn’t often that a district loses nearly 130 years of experience in one fell swoop, but that’s what happened recently in District 1 when four maintenance foremen headed into retirement. In the past two months, Jim Stam (32 years), Judd Reed (37 years), Greg Munden (33 years) and Mike Hutchinson (26 years) said good-bye to their ITD family and set out to enjoy some well-deserved fun time.

Husband, wife and Rotary honored for cleanup efforts
Jack and Monica Naylor saw a large swath of the United States when they ventured west several years ago. Their travel, and eventual relocation to Pocatello, took them from coast to coast. They saw well-kept, clean highway corridors and those that suffered from neglect. So when they moved to Idaho, they made a personal commitment to do what they can to keep their piece of heaven clear of highway litter. Much for the same reasons, members of the Preston Rotary Club conduct regular campaigns to clean U.S. 91 between mileposts 4 and 6.


D-3 operators show equipment-handling skills
District 3’s finest – there were 61 competitors, and more than 120 altogether counting judges, coordinators, cooks and management - took part in the 2010 Equipment Roadeo in Garden Valley Wednesday (May 19). Robin Freeman, a three-time state champ from the New Meadows shop, won in the foreman division. New Meadows lead worker Kraig Spelman won in the Transportation Technician division.


Highway safety
Statewide campaign designed to increase seat belt use
Protecting lives, reducing serious injury and saving Idaho money may be as simple as clicking a seat belt so ITD will support efforts by law enforcement agencies throughout the state to increase Idahoans’ safety restraint use. A special law enforcement mobilization begins Monday and will continue through June 6 to increase seat belt use.


I-Way our way

CTAI helps celebrate National Transportation Week
Professionals involved in moving people and products celebrated National Transportation Week in America this week; the observance officially concludes Saturday. The annual event focuses on attention on all forms of transportation in the U.S. and the issues affecting transportation now and into the future.


Presentation explains I-way concept to Gov. Otter
Key personnel in the development of Idaho's community-based mobility network had the opportunity recently to discuss the new program with Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter.
Heather Wheeler (Community Transportation Association of Idaho), Marilyn Sword (Interagency Working Group Chair), Kathleen Simko (PTAC Representative), and Randy Kyrias (ITD Division of Public Transportation) explained the vision, goals and processes of I-way.

I-way campaign receives three awards
The I-way stakeholder education engagement process was recently recognized by three organizations — the Idaho Press Club, Idaho Advertising Federation, and Capital City Communicators, as an outstanding example of public relations and brand management. Award presenters were: Idaho Press Club, Idaho Advertising Federation and Capital City Communicators.


ITD recognized for support, participation in 'Safety Fest'

Bill Bankhead, a compliance assistance specialist with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, commended ITD for its continuing support of workplace safety programs. He also thanked ITD employees Trey Mink and Randy Norris, for adding to the success of the annual Safety Fest in Pocatello.

"I want to thank you for the unwavering support we received from the ITD during the Pocatello Safety Fest last week. The Safety Fest, held for the first time in Pocatello, was a huge success with over 40 different classes provided to approximately 630 attendees, free of charge.
Trey Mink, with the assistance of Randy Norris, also from District 4, presented two OSHA 10-Hour Construction Training classes at the Pocatello Armory and Fairgrounds on April 21 and 22. Trey and Randy are outstanding trainers with a wealth of field experience that brings instant credibility to their presentations and allows them to easily connect with the attendees," Bankhead said.

See Mr. Bankhead's letter

Volcanic ash causes myriad problems aloft
Recent activity by the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano in Iceland and the anniversary of the Mount St. Helens eruption has brought the effects of volcanic eruption to the forefront of the news. Volcanoes impact the earth in many ways, but volcanic ash and dust can create myriad problems once they hit the atmosphere

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In for the long haul

Jeanne Bustamante, of Revenue Operations, ran her first 10k at the 32nd annual Idaho Famous Potato run on May 15.  She completed the 10K run in 1:09:17.631.  Congratulations Jeanne!

Turning cans into bicycle helmets

This week Linda Hammond, of Lowell Elementary School in Boise picked up the aluminum pop cans that were collected at various locations around the Headquarters complex.

Lowell reported to Sandy Harris of Business and Support Management that she received just over $46 for the pop cans when she presented them for recycling. With that money Hammond will buy nine bicycle helmets for children at the school who don’t have them.  Thanks to all the employees who recycle their aluminum; it’s going to a great cause!

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Published previously

May 14, 2010

Looking ahead
KTVB captures vision of new director

A new man is now the driving force at the Idaho Transportation Department. Brian Ness took over as director in January. After 30 years with the Michigan Department of Transportation, Brian Ness decided it was time to take on a new challenge. Ness walked in on his first day thinking he'd have time to settle into the new job.

Watch the video

Highway safety
Summit provides crash course on saving lives
A strong highway safety effort not only saves lives but also can lead to lower health-care costs and reduced crime said speakers at the 2010 Highway Safety Summit, sponsored recently by ITD’s Office of Highway Operations and Safety in Boise. More than 265 law enforcement officers, medical personnel and highway safety professionals heard a sobering presentation of the physics and physical consequences of high-speed crashes by keynote speaker Pam Holt.


Maintenance worker helps stranded motorists

Two motorists en route to a cancer treatment in Lewiston recently found themselves in the wrong place at the right time. District 2 maintenance worker Ty Winther was in the same place at the right time.

Winther was driving on an isolated stretch of Idaho 8 transporting limbs trimmed from a highway roadside thinning project when he noticed two women who appeared to be having car troubles. He stopped to provide assistance, and as it turns out, preserved an important medical appointment