Blast from the Past: Transporter Top 10

Nearly a third of the workforce at ITD is new within just the last several years. Because of that, it is instructive to occasionally revisit a few of the more engaging department issues in the recent past in order to see the backstory to some of the important issues of today.

Here, then, are the 10 most-read newsletter stories since 2010:

Safety Stand Down (2018) ITD Shift to Yellow (2018)

Kimbol Allen Vapor Trail (2018)

Time Capsule Unveiled (2014) Part 1 Part 2

Fallen Worker Memorial (2019)

Graves’ Ice Bath (2015)

Dave Kuisti named DEPP Administrator (2019)

Veterans Drivers License (2016)

Birds, Bugs & Bees (2017)

Matt Kime Remembered (2018)

Jacobsen 60 Years (2018)

Published 03-22-19