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May 8, 2009

Transportation funding

Governor, legislators agree on $57 million compromise
Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter was joined by legislative leaders from the Idaho House and Senate today (Friday, May 8) in applauding a $57 million compromise agreement and committing to a united path forward on addressing Idaho’s long-term transportation infrastructure needs.

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Thanks for your many contributions
ITD colleagues,
Because of your combined efforts, Idaho citizens use our transportation system with confidence. They know highways will be plowed in the winter and repaired and restriped in the summer. They know licensing and titling questions will be resolved quickly and completely. They know we are preparing mobility options for present and future needs. They realize that a strong economy depends on a strong transportation system.


ITD salaries will not be reduced in FY 2010

... This bill removes 5 percent of the personnel funding for the department.  Then another bill was passed by the legislature and signed by the governor to add back 2 percent in funding for personnel to agencies like ITD that are funded by dedicated and federal funds. Thus, the net effect is a 3 percent reduction. As a leadership team, we are working on the best way to manage this 3 percent reduction, but you and your staff need to know that there will not be pay rate reductions to employees.

Performance Management

Employees asked to attend or view sessions
ITD administrators will discuss the department’s renewed commitment to organizational values and performance management during several sessions beginning Friday (May 15) at 1:30 p.m. The essence of a two-day training session this week in Boise will be shared with all ITD employees in the next two weeks, explains Director Pam Lowe. The expectation is that employees will schedule a time to participate in the May 15 session or a sequel planned for Monday, May 18 at 1:30 p.m.

PM will become core of strategic planning
Performance Management is a system that lends itself well to the functions of a transportation department, explains ITD Director Pam Lowe. It is an on-going process that translates strategic goals to relevant and detailed measures, which then are tracked to ensure uniform achievement of institutional goals. Implementation by other departments has created breakthrough performance improvements.

Construction safety
Partners receive national award for training program

Idaho’s largest public works program involves not just new roadways and bridges, but miles of new work zones. The GARVEE Transportation Program won first place this spring in a national work zone safety competition for its statewide training program. The award, presented by the American Road and Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) on March 10, is given annually to organizations that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to safety training.

Idaho Press Club
ITD claims four awards in statewide competition

Members of the Office of Communications accepted four awards from the Idaho Press Club during the organization’s annual banquet May 2 in Boise. Although each of the awards named communications office staff member, the awards represented the accomplishments and hard work of the entire department, said Jeff Stratten, ITD’s Public Information Officer. He and Public Involvement Coordinator Adam Rush accepted the awards.

Disaster exercise
ITD helps plan response to earthquake scenario

Representatives from public and private organizations throughout the Treasure Valley, including ITD, assembled in Boise this week to address the threat of dam failures as a result of a hypothetical earthquake near Stanley. The training exercise was based on an earthquake of 3.3 magnitude on the Richter Scale, continuing aftershocks, major structural damage to downtown Boise and the Glenwood Bridge, weather forecasts of steady rain, and the possible failure of Arrowrock Dam.

The following appears in the latest PERSI report for state employees
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Urgency to move forward
Gov. C.L. 'Butch' Otter

Two and a half years ago I was honored to be elected your Governor. Since then I have traveled Idaho from corner to corner and met with many of you. You told me that our road system is not being adequately maintained and that something needs to be done. I listened, and made the issue a priority because it is a legitimate and proper role of state government.


Stimulus projects
Governor announces beginning of bid process
Idaho Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter today announced that eight shovel-ready highway projects - creating 2,800 jobs and injecting $148 million into Idaho's economy - will be advertised for bid in May and June. The projects are being funded through the federal economic stimulus program.


ITD encouraging state agencies to fill vacant seats
ITD’s Division of Aeronautics recently introduced a new State Aircraft Rideshare Program to help state agencies reduce travel costs by taking advantage of unused seats on state aircraft.  The new Web-based scheduling program allows state employees to check for flights, departure and arrival times and available seats.

Engineering education
ITD secures grant to enhance U of I summer program
ITD Human Resource Services Mary Harker and Michelle George secured a federal grant to assist the University of Idaho (U of I) in delivering an educational program for students interested in a transportation career. The $58,988 award from the Federal Highway Administration National Summer Transportation Institution Program will enable the university to improve its summer JEMS (Junior Engineering, Math and Science) program.

May In Motion
ITD participates in alternative commute promotion
ITD employees in the Treasure Valley can improve their fitness, save money, ease congestion, reduce air pollution, earn special recognition for the department – even get to know each other a little better – this month. May in Motion, a celebration of alternative transportation, is a promotion by the Ada County Highway District’s Commuteride program and a host of local sponsors.

2009 Roadeo
Equipment operators gear up for annual challenge
If you can play basketball with a front-end loader or thread the eye of a needle with a 10-wheel dump truck ITD has a place for you – the 2009 ITD Roadeo. The annual series tests the knowledge and driving skills of ITD employees in each district, leading to the state Roadeo finals and two berths in the national finale in Colorado.


Views to share

TOPIC: In these tough economic times it only makes sense to allow maintenance forces more latitude in maintaining the highway system. Every year as foreman we make difficult decisions on which projects are going to proper repairs and which are left to deteriorate more. Annually in District Four we receive about $500,000 for plant mix far below the level of what we need to maintain our systems each year...

RESPONSE: I agree with you completely. This is the same message the governor and ITD have been presenting to the public and the legislature for the past year – our system is deteriorating and the funding we have available is inadequate to preserve our system. As part of that presentation, we have emphasized that our priority is Operation, Preservation, Restoration and Expansion (OPRE) in that order...

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TOPIC:State employees have to take a cut in pay because the economy is so bad. Our medical insurance is going up, in spite of the fact that our wages are going down. Yet, there is an Employee Appreciation Week being planned. If there isn’t money to keep our wages where they currently are, how can they have money to pay for an Employee Appreciation Week?...

RESPONSE: In honor of National State Employee Appreciation Day on May 6,  ITD is kicking off State Employee Appreciation Week May 4-8 (Monday through Friday).  This is a statewide event for all state employees to participate in.  The goal of ITD’s events is to honor, recognize and appreciate all employees for their hard work, dedication, and contributions throughout the year...

Do you have a question related to ITD processes, policies or projects? Has something been puzzling you about why we do what we do? Share your questions using the e-mail link above and let us find the answers.