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Board begins alternating meetings between Boise, districts
The Idaho Transportation Board will start its annual tour of Idaho by holding its monthly meeting in Lewiston next week. The meeting will be in the District 2 office, 2600 Frontage Road on Thursday and Friday (April 15-16). The board will alternate its monthly meetings between Boise and district offices until next fall.
Media emphasize work zone safety message
Treasure Valley motorists were reminded this week to slow down and pay extra attention in highway work zones. Television news broadcasts, newspaper stories and radio traffic reports all drove home the safety message as part of Work Zone Safety Awareness Week, April 5-9.
State conducts successful test of Amber Alert system
Early-morning motorists on Idaho’s interstates saw it for only about a minute. Television viewers saw the scrolling message briefly at the bottom of their screen while they watched infomercials, sitcom reruns or B-rated movies. At 1:40 a.m. Tuesday (MDT), while most Idahoans slept soundly, the state’s Amber Alert System was thoroughly tested...

Employees will have two main health plan options
ITD employees will have two insurance options from which to choose when they complete their new enrollment forms in May, according to the Idaho Office of Insurance Management. Members of the HR Staff attended a payroll processing meeting earlier this week where they learned more about the transition to a new health insurance provider.


Open enrollment meeting planned statewide
ITD employees will have an opportunity in May to attend meetings that will help them make decisions about their choice of plans offered through Blue Cross. The Office of Group Insurance will conduct a series of open enrollment meetings throughout the state, beginning April 19 and concluding on May 4.

Proper child restraint can prevent serious injury, death
A two-vehicle car crash that claimed the life of a young Caldwell girl this week underscores the importance of properly restraining children seats appropriate for their size. It also affirms the warning that young children should not ride in the front seat of vehicles equipped with passenger-side airbags.
Federal grant to help aggressive driving crackdown
In a hurry to get somewhere? Guilty of speeding? Blurring the distinction of a yellow and red light? Constantly changing lanes to save a couple of seconds?
Transition team pledges to maintain communication
Members of the IT Technology Transition Team learned how to apply communications strategies and tools to keep colleagues apprised of efforts to reshape the department’s Information Technology Services.
New server, domain name require updating bookmarks
Observant Internet users have noticed that ITD is using a web site name and the system is powered by new servers that operate on the higher security level of Microsoft’s 2003 operating system.

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